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Wow, what an awesome couple! I can’t wait to blog this one….BUT, until then, here is not one, but TWO teasers for you!

Nina and Kens wedding day was one of those SCORCHING HOT + HUMID days we seem to be having a lot of this summer in New Jersey. Ouch! I didn’t hear any complaints from anyone though, and for those following the blog, the new short sleeve black T’s are turning out to be a big win on these hot days! Nina and Ken both got ready at the Borgata in Atlantic City. They had this great frosted glass wall in the lobby that was awesome for photography! And although it was tucked away and didn’t interfere with the casino, management isn’t too keen on photography in its casino! We did what we could in a limited amount of time, and it turned out great regardless! Nina and Ken had a fantastic wedding day, and judging by all the smiles on their faces throughout the day, I think it’s safe to say that they had a blast as well! Congratulations you two!

Nina’s dad waiting to escort his daughter down the aisle.I love that little sun flare “orb” surrounding their hands during the ceremony.

I just got back from a wonderful vacation from Martha’s Vineyard with my family. We had an amazing time together and I can’t wait to blog it. However, I am behind on blogging weddings so this will have to be put on the back burner for now. So, I will only post a few for now, but will certainly revisit this down the road!

I couldn’t believe how vivid the stars were out where we were staying. This was taken about 50 yards from the “Writer’s Cottage” we rented, which was right on Deep Bottom Pond. Those splashes were from me throwing rocks into the water during a long exposure and lighting them with my head lamp.

This behind the scenes look at me in action comes from Ann and Dean’s wedding. My friend David Lim grabbed this shot of me photographing Ann and Dean. Surprisingly, I didn’t find any ticks on me!

And this is what I was framing up.

Oh man, I just love these photos of Zoe playing with the hose in the back yard! I know I’m biased, but I don’t care! It’s days like this that I am most thankful to be a photographer! Zoe loves playing with the hose, especially on the “Mist” setting. So, we were messing around in the back yard when the sun just got low enough to start back lighting the spray from the hose. I grabbed my camera and this is what happened…

Zoe likes to fill her rain boots up with water and then jump up as high as she can and see the water slosh out!This is probably my favorite photograph I have taken of Zoe to date!

F R E E   S T U F F