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A couple more teaser shots from recent weddings. The first shot is from Nina and Ken’s wedding, and the second from Erin and Rick’s. Stay tuned!

As I was driving to Kim’s prep location, her parent’s house, it was also driving with rain! It didn’t look too good my friends. But, I had a feeling that by the time we were ready to photograph the bridal party/family and Kim and Shaun later that day, it would clear up and we would be fine. And of course that’s exactly what happened, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have brought it up right!? Kim was one of those super laid back, fun and funny brides…my favorite! She was up for anything, including trespassing onto her mean neighbors property for a few photos, not to mention the rainbow colored bridesmaids dresses she picked out, and the funky glasses and hats too! I think Kim is a big fan of playing dress up, or Halloween, or something! Needless to say, I had a BLAST photographing Kim and Shaun’s wedding! Congratulations guys!

Lisa and Andy had SUCH an amazing wedding, and it was my honor to document it! There were SO many great moments to photograph, and Lisa and Andy were such a great couple to work with as well! This wedding had it all, an easy going fun loving couple, great locations to work in, enough time to let me do my thing, an emotional tea ceremony and wedding ceremony, a great venue with an even better view, and lots of great party people to help Lisa and Andy celebrate their day. Speaking of the venue, it was held at the amazing Stage 6 at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn NY. The only problem I had with Lisa and Andy’s wedding was trying to narrow down which photos to blog! Thanks so much guys, and congratulations!

I love how Lisa’s engagement ring makes the “O” in “HOT”!Lisa’s mom lending a hand.I loved Lisa and Andy’s 1st looks!Andy’s reaction was priceless!Love this one too!Heading out to DUMBO for some more photos.🙂Time for tea.Andy’s Grandma being the flower girl. This was so funny!The view from the rooftop at Stage 6.I like how you can see Andy smiling back at his Grandma in the reflection of her glasses.Working as a team, Lisa and Andy manged to pop this balloon without the use of their hands!

I just shot this one a few hours ago at Katie and Tim’s weeding. I couldn’t resist putting up this teaser image!

F R E E   S T U F F