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I still have a lot of blogging to catch up on folks, bare with me! Until the next “official” blog post, feast your eyes on two teaser images from this past weekend. The first one is from Janice and Yifty’s wedding at the Liberty House in Jersey City. The second image is from Gabby and James’ wedding at the Princeton Marriott. Enjoy!

Bare with me as I grab some plutonium for the flux capacitor, and climb into my DeLorean DMC-12 and set the clock for October 11, 2008. Why this particular date? Well, on that date I photographed Jessica and Jeff’s wedding. During their reception I grabbed a great candid photo of this couple embracing while slow dancing. The woman looked as if she were in heaven. I captioned the photo, “I think someone’s in love!” (See first photo in this blog post). Well, as you might have already guessed, that couple was Stacy and Mike! And here’s the REALLY cool thing about having happy awesome clients, not only did I get to see Jessica and Jeff again at Stacy and Mike’s wedding on Sunday, BUT I also got to see them the day before at Kathleen and Bill’s wedding on Saturday! (See the prior wedding blog post) Yep, Jessica and Jeff referred Kathleen and Bill to me as well! Thanks guys!!!! Ok, hop back in the DeLorean and come back to present day! Stacy is one of my favorite brides to date! She’s so genuine and easy to photograph, plus she just cracks me up! It was my absolute honor and privilege to photograph Stacy and Mike’s wedding at the uber cool Lake Mohawk Country Club in Sparta NJ. Today was also a new first for me, in that I did all of Stacy and Mike’s photos after the wedding had ended. This almost back fired on me as it began to POUR with rain during the reception, but luckily let up about 30 minutes before it was over and in time for photos. I was left with some sun light, some dramatic clouds, a great location, TIME, and of course a great couple who are so in love! To quote my last bride Kathleen, “The Todd is still undefeated!” I love that! Congratulations Stacy and Mike!!!!

Stacy and Mike dancing at Jessica and Jeff’s wedding back in 2008.Sadly, Stacy didn’t wind up wearing these shoes because they kept snagging on her wedding dress!I like the look on Stacy’s face, but I LOVE the look on the make-up artist’s face even more!Stacy was so in love with her dress that she started dancing with it!Just to show that Stacy is capable of being serious at times too!1 wedding cake + 1 mirror + a grumpy looking elderly gentleman = THIS!I wish I had a story to go along with this photo, but honestly, I got nothin’!Here’s Jeff. (The guy through the window, not the guy in the reflection)One last kiss before being whisked away in the Rolls.

Sorry for the lack of timely blog posts everyone! I’ve been battling a cold/laryngitis for a little while. I’m all better now, but now I am recovering from a flood that happened in my office on Friday morning! Nothing is majorly damaged, but I have not had access to my computer until right now! Basically it’s a big ‘ol mess here, but I am trying to get back on track. Hang in there! Thanks.

Ok, here’s a teaser image for the next blog post, Stacy + Mike’s wedding!

While I was at Kathleen’s prep, her mother confided in me that she was actually pretty surprised that Kathleen and Bill even hired a photographer. See, Kathleen and Bill both think that they are not photogenic. Pish posh, they just haven’t been photographed by the right photographer yet! I think they both looked awesome, but I’ll let you be the judge! Kathleen had casually asked me while she was getting ready what my favorite movies were. I wasn’t ready for that questions and was so focused on what I was doing, I drew a blank. Well Kathleen, now that I don’t have a camera in front of my face, I can safely list several of my favorite movies….in no particular order, The Royal Tenenbaums, Young Frankenstein, Say Anything, Band of Brothers, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, I Love You Man, just to name a few. Something I personally found hilarious on Kathleen and Bill’s wedding day is that I found out that prior to the wedding and throughout the wedding day itself, that they would refer to me as “The Todd”. I’m not sure why I find that so amusing, but I just do! This was such a fun wedding to photograph, and I could tell that both Kathleen and Bill had a blast as well! Congratulations you guys, and enjoy that honeymoon!

This is Holden, my little buddy Sawyer’s sort of new brother! Just a quick teaser to keep your eyes a peepin’!

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