Monthly Archives: May 2010

Just a quick teaser shot from Saturday’s wedding at Mallard Island, of Magick and Chris…stay tuned!

…well sort of! Sometimes it looks like he’s going to start crawling and then he just starts rocking back and forth on his hands and knees. Then, sometimes he looks like he’s just doing push ups! (see photo on the left) He’s almost 7 months now, and I think he’s actually getting close to getting the hang of it. Two things are for certain though, he has oodles of determination, and when he finally learns to crawl, life as we know it will change DRASTICALLY! This guy will be into everything! I grabbed these shots this morning as he was getting in some tummy time before breakfast.

Postscript: Emerson started “big boy” crawling the day after I posted this! Watch out!

So, this behind the scenes installment is slightly different in that it’s not a photo of me actually shooting, but instead setting up a shot. This is one of my favorite e-session photos, and it comes from Kalpana and Jim’s session. These guys were so awesome and up for anything! The first two photos were taken by my friend Naqib, thanks buddy! And the last shot is the final image, shot by me.

I met up with the dynamic duo of Erin and Rick at their apartment in Philadelphia. It was freakishly hot and humid for May 2nd, let me tell you! But Erin and Rick never complained and were full of good cheer, albeit sweaty cheer, cheer nonetheless! Yes, if you were counting, I used the word “cheer” 3 times in the last sentence! Anyway, we had a blast roaming around their neighborhood. And when I found out that Erin used to be involved with gymnastics, I used that to my full advantage! Rick’s talent was eating “hoagies” which proved to be much less useful!!! Thanks for a fun day out guys, I can’t wait to shoot your wedding in a few months!

Just look at the extension on Erin’s kick!See if you can guess when Erin and Rick’s wedding is? Yep, 7-24!I just couldn’t resist!!!!!!And the last shot of our session was taken right outside Erin and Rick’s favorite deli, which is located across the street from their apartment.

F R E E   S T U F F