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…well sort of! Sometimes it looks like he’s going to start crawling and then he just starts rocking back and forth on his hands and knees. Then, sometimes he looks like he’s just doing push ups! (see photo on the left) He’s almost 7 months now, and I think he’s actually getting close to getting the hang of it. Two things are for certain though, he has oodles of determination, and when he finally learns to crawl, life as we know it will change DRASTICALLY! This guy will be into everything! I grabbed these shots this morning as he was getting in some tummy time before breakfast.

Postscript: Emerson started “big boy” crawling the day after I posted this! Watch out!

  • Lee - he is too cute, these pictures just make me smile. I think he is better at doing push ups than I am.

  • Bernie - OMG
    Too Cute.

  • Cara Carlson - Wow, he has such experience in his eyes. And “old soul” I think. My little one is just learning to stand. Isn’t it amazing how quickly they grow and learn?

So, this behind the scenes installment is slightly different in that it’s not a photo of me actually shooting, but instead setting up a shot. This is one of my favorite e-session photos, and it comes from Kalpana and Jim’s session. These guys were so awesome and up for anything! The first two photos were taken by my friend Naqib, thanks buddy! And the last shot is the final image, shot by me.

  • KrisD Mauga - Hilarious!!!! Love it as always!!! Soon, I shall stalk and find you in NY to shoot along side!

  • Naqib/Qippy - I like this hands on post..we all always yearn to know how a real pro does it..and fortunately enough now we know..thanks Todd for the shoutout! Great stuff!

  • knot - nice shot love it!! especially the guy’s face. love u work

  • justinelement - you did it again!

  • harrison - Hahah, love it!!! How fun.

  • Kay - I heart you Todd!

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks everyone! :)

  • quelyn - OHhhhhh that is frickin cool

  • Jennifer Parlanti - LoVe iT!!

I met up with the dynamic duo of Erin and Rick at their apartment in Philadelphia. It was freakishly hot and humid for May 2nd, let me tell you! But Erin and Rick never complained and were full of good cheer, albeit sweaty cheer, cheer nonetheless! Yes, if you were counting, I used the word “cheer” 3 times in the last sentence! Anyway, we had a blast roaming around their neighborhood. And when I found out that Erin used to be involved with gymnastics, I used that to my full advantage! Rick’s talent was eating “hoagies” which proved to be much less useful!!! Thanks for a fun day out guys, I can’t wait to shoot your wedding in a few months!

Just look at the extension on Erin’s kick!See if you can guess when Erin and Rick’s wedding is? Yep, 7-24!I just couldn’t resist!!!!!!And the last shot of our session was taken right outside Erin and Rick’s favorite deli, which is located across the street from their apartment.

  • Jillian Longpre - Wow, great job with these pix! The creativity used is super impressive! I especially love the last one where you put the flash behind them.

  • Rachael Earl - Holy flexibility, Batman! :)

  • Erin - Hi, Todd! I love the pictures! I didn’t even realize that garage had 724 on it when we took that shot. Thank you for the wonderful pics!

  • Tony - That’s the closet you’ve been to a skateboard in a long time . . .

  • Lisa Longpre - These are fantastic… So innovative. beautiful and meaningful settings… Really caught the “real” Erin and Rick. Absolutely the best engagement pics I’ve ever seen

  • Kay - So great Todd!!! They’re so filled with life and laughter, I just really love them! Did you notice that random travelocity knome is one of the pics?

  • Amanda Jensen - These are so amazing! Erin and Rick are two of my favorite people and you captured them wonderfully. I love that Erin got to show off her gymnastics/judo skills. :) These are definitely the most creative and beautiful set of engagement photos I have seen. Fantastic job!!

  • Naqib/Qippy - Hey Todd! As always it’s a fantastic shoot…Oh yeah! did you get my SMS I sent you recently? Take care!

  • nadya - love this session! the colors are awesome. Wow cant wait to see what type of tumbling yuo can get her to do in her wedding dress LOL. Awesome e-session ^.^

  • Corey Sewell - All of these are beautiful and so fun! Love the kapow/blammo shot!!

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks so much everyone!
    And Kay, yes I did see the travelocity gnome in that shot! Good eye!

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Madalyn’s Bat Mitzvah this past weekend. Madalyn was so awesome to work with too, as was her entire family come to think of it! Yeah, I guess I just seem to attract awesome clients…YAY! I thought Madalyn looked amazing in her dress at the temple, but when she changed into her reception gown…WOWZA! Her reception was held at the Maplewood Country Club. Congratulations Madalyn!

We took this shot  just before Madalyn made her grand entrance into the reception.I love this shot taken during the horah! I love how we don’t see any faces, especially how the two gentleman’s faces are concealed by Madalyn’s dress.Here’s little Dylan, Madalyn’s brother, enjoying himself out on the dance floor!Madalyn’s aunt gave an amazing impromptu performance of “Empire State of Mind”. I thought I’d end this set just how we started it, just because it’s my blog, and I can!

  • Diane Stredicke - Lovely lovely set. I’ve never photographed a Bat Mitzvah, but if I had, I’d want it to look just like this. What a cute young lady.

  • Shannon - These pictures are fabulous! I love how you captured so much happiness in all of these- what a wonderful memory for Madalyn and her family. Your work is priceless Todd!

  • IRIS CHEUNG - Your lighting at receptions is always amazing!

KA-POW! Two sneak peeks of the awesomeness on tap for the blog! First photo is the dynamic duo of Erin and Rick-BLAMMO! Second photo is from Madalyn’s awesome Bat Mitzvah. Stay tuned folks!

  • jeff tisman - Do you paint this stuff on the walls or you just have a knack for finding the craziest walls ever!!!! AWESOME!!!!!


  • Todd Laffler - Yeah, I go out the night before a shoot armed with a ski mask and a car load of paint, and then I go to town on some walls! ;) Thanks!

  • Erin - Woohoo!! It turned out great. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pics!

  • Cindy - You are unbelievable! That is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen. I am so excited to see the rest. I didn’t think you would have anything up yet but I was just on your blog to stalk haha. Thanks for everything you are truly amazing!

  • Ryan Young - Oh man Todd. You continue to surprise with killer work. Both photos are great, but Batman? Come on! It totally rocks and they are having so much fun!!!

  • jeff tisman - I knew it!!! See ya’ Monday.

  • Lori - Unbelievable pictures! The first picture of Maddie took my breath away! I can’t wait to see the rest!

  • Cindy - Dylan looks like a little stud!

  • Barbara Braunstein - I have never seen such amazing pictures. You were able to capture the true Madalyn! She is beautiful and very photogenic, and you are a true artist!

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