Emerson is learning to crawl…

…well sort of! Sometimes it looks like he’s going to start crawling and then he just starts rocking back and forth on his hands and knees. Then, sometimes he looks like he’s just doing push ups! (see photo on the left) He’s almost 7 months now, and I think he’s actually getting close to getting the hang of it. Two things are for certain though, he has oodles of determination, and when he finally learns to crawl, life as we know it will change DRASTICALLY! This guy will be into everything! I grabbed these shots this morning as he was getting in some tummy time before breakfast.

Postscript: Emerson started “big boy” crawling the day after I posted this! Watch out!

  • Lee - he is too cute, these pictures just make me smile. I think he is better at doing push ups than I am.

  • Bernie - OMG
    Too Cute.

  • Cara Carlson - Wow, he has such experience in his eyes. And “old soul” I think. My little one is just learning to stand. Isn’t it amazing how quickly they grow and learn?

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