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After Emerson and I picked Zoe up from school yesterday afternoon we decided to just chill out in the back yard. Emerson likes tummy time on his blanket, and Zoe really enjoys her tree swing. It was such a nice and slow afternoon, just watching my kids grow up before my very eyes. I just love these two knuckleheads!

That’s my boy! He has a soft spot for the 15mm fisheye lens just like his old man!

Chalk up another fun Bar Mitzvah weekend! This one was Zachary’s big day. He was such a pleasure to work with let me tell you. He showed such patience throughout the day. And when it was time to cut loose with his friends, he was quite adept at that too! I had such a blast hanging out with him and his family. The festivities took place at the uber cool Space Odyssey! Congratulations Zachary!

Check out Zach’s Bar Mitzvah gift! j/kZach and his buddy’s getting ready for some paintball fury!I’m pleased to report that teenager’s haven’t lost the art of prank phone calls!When I run out of Gatorade during a shoot, I always reach for the next best thing, Zachary water!

I guess it’s true what they say, after your first child (Zoe) the next one doesn’t get photographed as much. Sorry Emerson! I remember doing some fun wide angle shots of Zoe when she was about 6 months old in her excersaucer, so decided to do that again, but with Emerson. He’s a grabby kind of guy, so I think he really enjoyed reaching for the camera which was all up in his face! I know I need to get over my photo guy “I don’t take snapshots” attitude and take more photos of the kids more frequently, but until then, enjoy these!

bye everyone!

I was honored to have Naqib, a fellow wedding photographer, and his lovely wife Fara visit me all the way from Malaysia. I think it was a 20 hour flight for them, ouch! Naqib (pronounced Na-Keeb) came out to NJ to do a two day intensive one on one mentoring session with me. I had a blast hanging out with Naqib. It actually just felt like an old friend visiting me. We talked “shop” for hours and it was really interesting to learn more about him and the wedding market in Malaysia as well. As part of the one on one session, I included a mock engagement shoot with one of my fabulous couples, Kalpana and Jim, who were so generous with their time. Thank you so much Kalpana and Jim for your patience as I slowed down my process and took the time to explain my thought process to Naqib as we shot. I can’t wait to photograph your wedding next year too! Naqib, I hope you learned a lot after your time with me, and I will be checking in on your blog in the near future to see what you’re up to and  if you’re implementing what we went over! I also hope we put together a Malaysia workshop in the future as well, that could be a lot of fun (sans the 20 hour flight of course!) Be sure to check out Naqib’s web site and blog to see some of his very talented work too! If any of you other fellow photographers out there are interested in doing a one on one mentoring session with me, just shoot me an email and we can chat some more about it.

This one was shot by Naqib. We used this image to go through my post processing work flow.

F R E E   S T U F F