Zoe | Life Lessons

I found this great old triptych I took of Zoe a few years ago. I remember watching her from a distance playing with that bubble stick thingy that comes with the bubble bottle. I sort of knew that she was at that age where she was probably ready to discover that just because the packaging looks yummy on the outside, doesn’t mean that what’s inside is in fact a tasty treat. And who am I to interfere with a valuable life lesson? So, I just sat back and watched/photographed as she dipped the stick in the bubbles, put it  in her mouth, and then gave the universal “yucky” face! After digging these shots up, I just can’t believe Zoe turned five last weekend! Needless to say, she never tried to eat the bubble stick again…but Play-Doh, well, that’s a different story!

F R E E   S T U F F