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Here it is, the grand finale of my favorite photo recap of 2009! This being the Bride and Groom/Bridal Party category. I did not sequence them in any particular order. I’m really proud of this collection of shots. And of course a HUGE, GINORMOUS THANK YOU to all of my 2009 couples, without whom these photographs would not exist. It was an unbelievable year, and I am just SO honored to have been entrusted to capture your special days! I’m really looking forward to 2010 to be another stellar year for Laffler Photography. Thanks everyone!

Next up we have the fourth installment of my favorite photos of 2009, this being the reception category. I have not posted them in order of my favorites, but instead I tried to group similar shots together, so hopefully you will see the connection between photos. I had fun putting this together, and stay tuned for the last installment, the Bride and Groom/Bridal Party photos! Thanks for looking.

Here is the third installment of my photo recap of 2009 in the Ceremony category. Again, in no particular order. Add a comment if you have a favorite (or even if you don’t have a favorite, comment anyway)! Thanks.

Next up are some of my favorite shots from the prep stage of the wedding day, all taken in 2009. Again, these are not in any particular order, but if you have a favorite, chime in with a comment! Stay tuned for the next category which will be the Ceremony. Thanks

Better late than never right!? At least it’s still January though! Anyway, I wanted to recap 2009 with some of my favorite photos throughout the past year. I’ve already posted the engagement sessions, and now it’s time to conquer the weddings. I will be posting the best of 2009 in several categories; Details, Prep, Bride+Groom and or Bridal Party, Ceremony, and Reception. First up is the details category. These are not posted in any particular order by the way. Stay tuned for the rest of the categories over the next week or so! Have a favorite? Chime in with a comment…I dare ya!

I want to give a GINORMOUS thank you to all of my 2009 couples who have entrusted me to capture their wedding days for them, it’s a HUGE honor for me!

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