Shannon + Bryan

Having shot Shannon and Bryan’s e-session a few months ago in Hoboken, I already knew going in to today that these two had chemistry together. What I didn’t know, however, were the few set backs Shannon encountered just prior to me arriving. Let’s see, the florist crashed into Shannon’s mom’s car, one of Shannon’s bride’s maids became so sick that after showing up during the prep, she eventually became too ill to attend the wedding at all, and worst of all was that Shannon’s grandmother suffered a heart attack the night before. Shannon didn’t let any of this alter her plans for enjoying an awesome wedding day with friends and family! She took everything in stride and kept on keeping on! I had such a great time capturing Shannon and Bryan’s wedding day too! In fact, this blog post may very well hold the record for the largest number of photos posted from one wedding. Any of you silent blog stalkers out there have some free time to verify this?! Congratulations Shannon and Bryan, enjoy Jamaica!

I love the feel of this shot with all that light spilling in from the window.

I think this was Shannon and her sister’s special sign to keep from crying.

I love the “quietness” of this shot.

Shannon and her dad.

Not quite the largest bridal party I’ve ever worked with, but certainly the most I’ve ever shot indoors for sure! These guys were great!

Last shot of the night? Almost…
…During Shannon’s sister’s toast, she had mentioned that Shannon and Bryan have been to every Diner in NJ. This got me thinking, especially since there happened to be a Diner literally across the street from the reception venue. So, right after the last song I approached Shannon and Bryan and asked if they wanted to go for coffee at the Diner. You should have seen there faces light up with excitement! They snuck out the back door and I met them across the street so they could get some coffee while I got some shots of them in the process! Yay!

F R E E   S T U F F