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Holy explicatives Bat Man, this was an awesome engagement session! I had such a blast hanging out with Rina and Jason today, just roaming around their stomping grounds in Jersey City. Sometimes I just really love shooting in a location I have never shot in before. There is something great about wandering around and finding these little gems to use as backdrops. Not to mention having Rina and Jason, who were so much fun and easy to photograph as well. I mean just look at Rina’s face in all of these photos! So, overall, it was a slam dunk of an engagement session, and as such, I will be posting many many photos from this session. It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want, so there! I just couldn’t bare cutting any of these out. Thank you so much for a great afternoon, the yummy coffee and for being so patient. I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in January!

This was so funny! This is an actual tattoo on Rina’s finger. Awesome!

Coffee break!

I liked being able to get a few shots of Rina and Jason in their apartment too!

  • Nadya - very cool shots! Looks like a fun place to take photos!

  • Kimtim - really beautiful shots!!

  • Ben - Love the second to last one!

  • Mom - Wow -what great shots!! I was laughing & crying at the same time!!

  • Anonymous - 1,2, and 4 are favourites. I love the green texture in 4. The image of Rina on the laptop is on a whole ‘nother level, though. Wow.

  • jason - these are amazing. i can’t wait to see what you do with the wedding. thank you so much!

  • rina - Wow! Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures! You made us look at our neighborhood in a whole new light. We had such a wonderful time with you and kept talking about how much fun it all was hours later! We can’t wait to see you soon at our wedding πŸ™‚

  • Lee - These are great, I love the location

  • Ray - My God, Rina and Jason, you both look so fantastic! I’m so proud and happy for you two. These pictures are phenomenal. Well done. The girls and I can’t wait to see you two in January.

  • Alicia - I love these photos!!!! Congrats little brother! πŸ™‚ Alicia, Emiliano, Cedes and Celi

  • Todd - Hey, thanks everyone!

    Jason and Rina, so glad you liked these! You guys really helped making them too! πŸ™‚

  • Dina - Wow, just amazing. I can’t say which is my favorite, I love them all and you two look great in all of them.

  • Jeremiah Klein - You just destroyed those locations in Jersey. Really captured the personalities of this fine couple. Well done homie.

Lee and Steven were engaged in Central Park, so it seemed like a natural location for their engagement session as well. We had an absolutely gorgeous day today, and I felt like the park was abuzz with people trying to squeeze the last few nice days left before winter rears its ugly head! We had a blast wandering around Central Park together, and I’m so excited to photograph their wedding next year as well! Thanks for the fun day out in the park, and I’ll see you again next year.

I liked the guy taking a picture, so I kept this one.

Hey look, another guy with a camera!

This was all Steve’s idea!

  • Lee - I love these Todd, it was great taking these over the weekend, I can’t believe how great they turned out. Can’t wait for you to shoot our wedding. xoxo Lee

  • Graeme - I love your use of framing, Todd. I also love how many truly candid moments are captured in this set. Bravo.

  • jeff tisman - yo t,

    awesome job!! i missed ya by a few days. i was there today shooting. lets have a contest to see who can incorporate that opera singing guy that plays the violin in a photo. πŸ™‚


  • Todd - Thanks Lee, so glad you like them! πŸ™‚
    Thanks Graeme!
    Thanks Jeff…it’s ON!!!! πŸ™‚

  • Kay - oh wow!! that last one belongs on the cover of a magazine! Great job!

  • Naqib/Qippy - Hi Todd,as always your work is brilliant! Was wondering would you care to to share with me what software do you used primarily for editing? Totally Rad or Kubota etc?

  • Todd - Hi Qippy. Thanks!

    I use whatever the photo needs, sometimes it’s Totally RAD actions and or a Kubota action as well, just depends really.

What an ideal autumn day we had today for Jessica and Steve’s wedding. The weather was just chilly enough to know it’s fall without being too cold. I photographed Jessica and Steve’s engagement session last fall near the George Washington Bridge, so after working with them for a few hours, I knew this would be a unique wedding. There were a lot of personal touches throughout the day which I believe not only Jessica and Steve had a hand in, but some of their friends as well. They had both their ceremony and reception at the Brownstone in Paterson NJ, and everything was just picture perfect! After a short but sweet ceremony, it was definitely party time! Jessica and Steve’s guests danced the night away and it appeared everyone was having a blast! Thank you so much guys for inviting me along for the ride, it was awesome! Congratulations, and enjoy that honeymoon in Aruba!

I grabbed the next few shots while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Steve had no clue this was coming!

Steve looks like the cake Terminator doesn’t he!?

And Jessica’s uncle had no idea this was coming either! Happy Birthday!

And I’m pretty sure this woman had no idea this was coming too!

  • Kay - Omg! These pictures are completely STUNNING! I just can’t believe how great they are!

  • Lee - These are great Todd, I love the pictures you captured of those girls before the ceremony and the fun on the dance floor.

  • Krystal Radlinski - I feel happy just looking at these. Wonderful images!

  • Quelyn - HAHAHHAH Cake Terminator. That’s awesome

Cindy and Chris are actually from Maryland, but Chris has family here in NJ and they will be getting married in NJ as well next year. We decided to meet up practically in my own backyard. Well, actually in Westfiled, which is the next town over from me. I love doing engagement sessions there too. Not just because it’s so close, but it offers a cool little park to work with, yet within a minutes walk from that is the downtown with all kinds of other awesome stuff to photograph too. Cindy and Chris were such fun to spend the afternoon with, and they were even nice enough to get a cute little outfit for my new guy, Emerson. They didn’t forget about me either, a 32 oz. bottle of Gatorade! Nice! Thank so much guys, you totally didn’t have to, but I’m very glad you did. Emerson looks really cool now! So, thanks again for the great day around town, and I’m totally looking forward to your wedding next year! Oh, and if Chris doesn’t look as happy as Cindy in these photos, it’s only because they were driving back to Maryland right after the shoot…and guess who was doing the driving!?

  • Cindy and Chris - Todd, we love them! And its so ironic that you posted them today, because its exactly one year until our wedding date! You did an awesome job, we are SO HAPPY!!!!!

  • Kari Cooke - What an amazing job….you were able to capture my brothers personality which is usually difficult in pictures. They both look beautiful and your style and taste is amazing…..its a wonderful story to see!

  • Graeme - So many beautiful shots. I really love the suspended leaves and the sunlit one below it. Great work!

Rachel and Greg’s wedding today was just plain amazing! And although the weather totally didn’t cooperate today, you would never know it from watching these two enjoy their day of days! I must admit, the heavy rainfall certainly made it a challenge during Rachel and Greg’s photo session, but they took it in stride and I still managed to get some great shots of the two of them together! I had to utilize everything from umbrellas, overhangs, and even a quick ten minute break in the rain to do it, but it’s my job to come home with the great shots, no excuses! Rachel and Greg had both their ceremony and reception at one of my favorite places to shoot, the Liberty House in Jersey City. You just can’t beat those views of New York City from their balcony! The ceremony was gorgeous with lots of candles and an awesome chuppah all adding to the cozy ambiance. The reception room was equally as gorgeous too with amazing flowers and even more candles setting the mood. Rachel and Greg were obviously surrounded by friends and family who cared very much about them, and it was my absolute pleasure to document it all for them. Congratulations guys, and enjoy that two week honeymoon!

As a photographer, some days you hate the mirror, and some days you love it. Guess what kind of mirror day I was having today?!

You can just make out the NYC skyline in this shot.

I love this shot! I originally told the ladies that their heads would not be in this photograph…that is until I realized just how ummm “vertically challenged” this one bridesmaid was!

Rachel and Greg peeking into the reception room just before being introduced.

This is what they saw as their entire bridal party were introduced all at once in a bridal party free for all!

Then it was Rachel and Greg’s turn.

At first glance this shot of the best man’s toast may appear pretty straight forward, and I suppose it is, but let me tell you, it took a lot of pateince to wait for him (because he was pacing back and forth) to walk into the frame just enough AND to get Rachel and Greg with a great expression all while still getting some of that NYC skyline in the background!

And because the maid of honor never passed into my frame, I decided to utilized her reflection in a glass door to help give context to the photo. (Just giving myself a pat on the back for these two photos, hehe)

At almost every wedding, there is a dance floor super star who steals the show time and time again throughout the evening. Meet tonight’s dance floor MVD (Most Valuable Dancer), jumping over Greg while he lays prone on the floor!

I’ve actually never seen this done before, but Greg’s parents were having a blast!

MVD! (Most Valuable Dancer)

Not be outdone, Greg had his fair share of dance moves too!

Two ties, double the fun!

  • Kay - Wow wow wow!!! These are stunning!!!!

  • beth - you are just incredible. what i wouldn’t give to tag along on a wedding shoot with you- just to see how you do it all, and so perfectly every time.

  • rachel darley - Pretty friggin’ AWESOME. Wow, I’ve never seen so many tie-dance moves!!! These are all so beautiful, fun, and right on amazing!!

  • Elaine - Todd, did you have lights set up under the canopy that they were married under? Again, so amazing!

  • Todd - Thanks Kay!
    Awwww shucks, thank Beth!!!
    Hi Rachel, yeah for some reason the tie was a prominent prop at this wedding!
    Elaine, thank you. No, no lights set up by me under the chuppa, I shot the ceremony with just available light.

  • lili - pat away Mr Laffler, your blog inspires me every time I look at it.. am always waiting for a new post! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  • Jeremiah Klein - well done as usual homie

  • Barry Sorkin - Stunning photos, Mom & I wish you the best, you know that and you know we wish we could have shared the moment with both of you.

  • leena - rach…. your pics are beautiful…looks like you had a blast!!

  • rachel & greg - todd – thank you so much for capturing our wedding perfectly! we can’t wait to see the rest!

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