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Let it be known that Jenna openly thinks I’m awesome! Ok, now that we have that little piece of housekeeping out of the way, let’s talk about this AMAZING wedding which all took place at one of my favorite venues, The Crossed Keys Inn in Andover NJ. I can’t remember the last wedding I shot that had such a gorgeous day to work with as we did today. Not a cloud to bee seen, the sun was shining, and the temperature was just perfect! I photographed Jenna and Nick’s engagement session a few months back at the Grounds for Sculpture, at which time I learned just how photogenic each of them are, and how cute they are together! Yay! Jenna and Nick decided to see one another before the ceremony so we could have more time for photos, double yay! Are you guys starting to put all the pieces together yet!? Fun and expressive couple + great location + good light + time + me = slam dunk! Another great thing about today was seeing and working with my friends Rob and Leyda from Rockmelon. They are the only videographers I ever refer people to, and with good reason, they are awesome, not to mention a blast to work with! Also, this was my first exposure to the band, The Rhythm Shop. Holy crap, this 12 piece band ROCKED! Hire them if you can! Jenna and Nick, thank you SO much for having me along for the ride on your day of days! Enjoy Aruba!

I love everything about this photo!

Love this one!

The last time I was at Crossed Keys, I got a similar shot, but it was with the flower girl.

This was a very emotional ceremony, as you will see.

I love this shot of the flower girl sucking her thumb as her mom wipes a tear away.

It wasn’t all tears though. I love the expression on Jenna’s face just before she slips Nick’s ring on his finger.

After the ceremony it was off to the corn field for a few shots.

A 30 second exposure practically right out of the camera! That’s a bonfire glowing on the right hand side.

Jenna’s parents giving a toast.

And then Jenna’s brother.

I think someone is trying to avoid being “reeled” in!

A closer look at the bonfire.

Although you don’t see their faces, I think this photo still sums up Jenna’s close relationship with her twin brother.

  • Alexa Catalin - Amazing! These is one of the best wedding gallery I’ve seen!

  • Kat Forsyth - Yeah, Jenna’s not the only one who thinks you’re awesome! These are just gorgeous! The swing ones and the ones in the cornfield are my favourites.

  • Jenna & Nick - Todd!!! Yes, we are stalking your blog even from Aruba! (Our hotel provides a room with free internet, so can you blame us?!) We love the shots, they are gorgeous and capture so perfectly all the emotion and FUN of the day. Can’t wait to see them all. And yes we both think you’re awesome. Slam dunk indeed.

  • Katherine Rodriguez (Crossed Keys Inn) - Fabulous! No words to describe this day only the expressions on everyones faces. Its photos like this that keep me smiling and feel blessed that I get to be part of these wonderful weddings. Great job Todd and a pleasure to work with you.

  • nan and alan - Oh my God!!! The pics are amazing. Hi Jen Jen and Nick. We miss you!! You took such GORGEOUS pictures. Fabulous job, Todd, just sensational. Thanks, Jen’s parents

  • Aja Carnosso - OMG!! I love the pictures so much!! Jenna and Nick look amazing! I’m getting married June 5th, are you free? Serioulsy!

  • Walter van Dusen - Great coverage as I know you always do. Great wedding with lots of wonderful moments..

  • Fran Chelico - W.o.W!!! these are just beautiful!!!! you guys are very very talented!

  • rachel darley - that first one is killer. The 30-sec exposure with stars, ahhhhmazing. These are all so incredible! awesome job capturing this emotional, and gorgeous wedding!!

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