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I did a great engagement session with Sam and Dave a few months back in Asbury Park, so I already had a great sense of this couple together. Sam was a little nervous about the rain today, and although it did in fact rain, it was kind enough to wait until everyone was safely inside the reception and dancing the night away! Sam and Dave were surrounded by friends and family throughout the day and was just awesome to witness. Their reception was held at the beautiful Eagle Oaks Country Club in Farmingdale NJ. I had a great time photographing your wedding today guys! Congratulations, and enjoy your time in Florida!

As I was photographing Sam’s dress, her dad came into the room and began practicing putting on his bow tie. I love this image.

I’m not much of a sports fan, but this image just reminds me of like a football locker room with all the “uniforms” hung up ready for the “big game” and the little kid looking up in awe at them.

I think this would look good next to the first ceremony image I posted (Sam coming down the aisle with her parents). She walks in with her parents and then walks out with a husband!

I love the look on Sam’s face in this shot.


  • Georgi Anastasov - Great job, as always, Todd!!!

  • mum - Fab photos as always. The colours (uk Sp.) are so very vibrant. Super job. Lovely bride.

  • Fotografo Matrimonio Milano - Really great picture, you have a fresh style, photjournalism plus mixed portraits.

Let it be known that Jenna openly thinks I’m awesome! Ok, now that we have that little piece of housekeeping out of the way, let’s talk about this AMAZING wedding which all took place at one of my favorite venues, The Crossed Keys Inn in Andover NJ. I can’t remember the last wedding I shot that had such a gorgeous day to work with as we did today. Not a cloud to bee seen, the sun was shining, and the temperature was just perfect! I photographed Jenna and Nick’s engagement session a few months back at the Grounds for Sculpture, at which time I learned just how photogenic each of them are, and how cute they are together! Yay! Jenna and Nick decided to see one another before the ceremony so we could have more time for photos, double yay! Are you guys starting to put all the pieces together yet!? Fun and expressive couple + great location + good light + time + me = slam dunk! Another great thing about today was seeing and working with my friends Rob and Leyda from Rockmelon. They are the only videographers I ever refer people to, and with good reason, they are awesome, not to mention a blast to work with! Also, this was my first exposure to the band, The Rhythm Shop. Holy crap, this 12 piece band ROCKED! Hire them if you can! Jenna and Nick, thank you SO much for having me along for the ride on your day of days! Enjoy Aruba!

I love everything about this photo!

Love this one!

The last time I was at Crossed Keys, I got a similar shot, but it was with the flower girl.

This was a very emotional ceremony, as you will see.

I love this shot of the flower girl sucking her thumb as her mom wipes a tear away.

It wasn’t all tears though. I love the expression on Jenna’s face just before she slips Nick’s ring on his finger.

After the ceremony it was off to the corn field for a few shots.

A 30 second exposure practically right out of the camera! That’s a bonfire glowing on the right hand side.

Jenna’s parents giving a toast.

And then Jenna’s brother.

I think someone is trying to avoid being “reeled” in!

A closer look at the bonfire.

Although you don’t see their faces, I think this photo still sums up Jenna’s close relationship with her twin brother.

  • Alexa Catalin - Amazing! These is one of the best wedding gallery I’ve seen!

  • Kat Forsyth - Yeah, Jenna’s not the only one who thinks you’re awesome! These are just gorgeous! The swing ones and the ones in the cornfield are my favourites.

  • Jenna & Nick - Todd!!! Yes, we are stalking your blog even from Aruba! (Our hotel provides a room with free internet, so can you blame us?!) We love the shots, they are gorgeous and capture so perfectly all the emotion and FUN of the day. Can’t wait to see them all. And yes we both think you’re awesome. Slam dunk indeed.

  • Katherine Rodriguez (Crossed Keys Inn) - Fabulous! No words to describe this day only the expressions on everyones faces. Its photos like this that keep me smiling and feel blessed that I get to be part of these wonderful weddings. Great job Todd and a pleasure to work with you.

  • nan and alan - Oh my God!!! The pics are amazing. Hi Jen Jen and Nick. We miss you!! You took such GORGEOUS pictures. Fabulous job, Todd, just sensational. Thanks, Jen’s parents

  • Aja Carnosso - OMG!! I love the pictures so much!! Jenna and Nick look amazing! I’m getting married June 5th, are you free? Serioulsy!

  • Walter van Dusen - Great coverage as I know you always do. Great wedding with lots of wonderful moments..

  • Fran Chelico - W.o.W!!! these are just beautiful!!!! you guys are very very talented!

  • rachel darley - that first one is killer. The 30-sec exposure with stars, ahhhhmazing. These are all so incredible! awesome job capturing this emotional, and gorgeous wedding!!

What a gorgeous day for a wedding! Fall is certainly in the air my friends! Kaleia and Ted had their ceremony outside at Mayfair Farms and their reception inside. Kaleia and Ted are movie buffs and had a cinema theme happening at the reception. In fact, Kaleia was born right around the time Star Wars came out and her name does actually have some tie ins with princess Leah. And although we were running on “Dominican Republic” time, as Kaleia called it, which apparently moves much slower, everything did get done…eventually. I had a great time with you guys today, congratulations!

Apparently Kaleia is more startled by loud noises than Ted is!

Kaleia and Ted in the photo booth.

  • Alexa Catalin - I would comment on the last photo. Your photos looks very good, as usual.
    The problem with the last one is that it’s to obvious is an arranged one.

    This is the problem with this kind of photo when you don’t work with pros. They can look to artificial, like a fake.

    After you arranged them, maybe it would’ve been a good idea just to let them be. I prefer to do like this just because I don’t know how to direct them and real emotions can’t be directed. πŸ™‚

    Good luck!

  • Kaleia and Ted - Todd,

    First, thank you for all of your hard work and working around everything and everyone. Second, you captured the day perfectly and the photos look amazing. We can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you so much.

    Kaleia and Ted

  • rebecca simmons - Kaleia your wedding was wonderful you look so beautiful!! Best wishes to you and ted!!

I met up with Jessica and Matt at Battery Park in Manhattan this afternoon for their engagement session. At first I could tell that they were a little uncomfortable in front of the camera, but by the time we finished, you would never know it! We strolled down the waterfront of the park for a bit and then decided to head a block in towards the city for the walk back. Thanks for a fun afternoon in the city guys, I can’t wait to photograph your wedding next year!

I had to work NYC’s finest into the shoot somehow!

I love how the two sunlit trees loosely mimic Jessica and Matt.

I started with a shilouette shot, it’s only fitting I end with one too!

  • M.Kruter - Excellent as always.

  • Jessica and Matt - Wow!! Love the pictures! They came out amazing, especially the last picture and how the space between us makes a heart shape. Thanks again for a great day..we cant wait to see the rest!! πŸ™‚

  • Michelle - These pictures are beautiful, I love them!!!!

  • Meredith - Love the pictures….Great job! You guys both looking so happy πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to celebrate all this special time together. _Mer

  • Aleen & Robert - The photographs are truly a work of art, only because they reflect the love that you share.

  • Joanne&Don - These pictures look like a magazine photo-op! Great shots and beautiful memories for both of you!!!!

I was really holding out for another dry wedding today, but alas, those pesky weather people actually knew what they were talking about for once, as it did in fact rain today, just as they had predicted. Believe it or not, a photographer friend of mine actually likes when it rains on wedding day, sadly, I don’t share her enthusiasm for the wet stuff! Anyway, Alicia and Eric certainly didn’t let the rain put a damper on things. They just kept on truckin’ and were real troopers wandering around the Meat Packing District with an umbrella, and looking for nice dry overhangs to work under. Alicia and Eric’s ceremony and reception took place at one of my favorite places to photograph, Studio 450. It provides couples with a blank white slate to add their own touches to. Sojourner Auguste and her team from erganic design did an amazing job transforming the blank canvas of Studio 450 into an awesome environment to host a wedding! And even though the ceremony couldn’t be held out on the rooftop as planned, I thought the improvised ceremony space totally rocked! One really interesting thing I picked up on from their wedding was the use of Eric’s Swedish tradition of seating people next to people they don’t know, to encourage conversation and perhaps even cultivate new friendships! I had an absolute blast photographing your wedding guys, thanks for being the awesome laid back couple that you are! Congratulations!

I just loves me an all white space!

On our way over to meet Eric for some photos before the ceremony.

September…check! 2009…check! NYC…check! Awesome couple…check and mark!

A little practice on that 1719 violin before the ceremony.

This little guy was so stinkin’ cute!

I’m not sure if it comes across in this shot, but I photographed this from a small opening between the ceremony space and the space where Alicia was waiting before coming down the aisle.

Alicia’s brother and his daughter.

Two “New Yorker” buildings for the price of one! Yes, this image was flopped.

I love this shot of Alicia and her dad right after he gave his speech.

I had to rock my wide angle most of the night for this dance crew!

Eric’s brother and sister’s speech.

Alicia’s matron of honor’s speech. There were an awful lot of speeches tonight!

The woman on the lower right of the frame was on fire on the dance floor, but I guess it’s true what they say, the star that burns twice as bright…

…burns half as long! Goodnight everyone!

To see some more shots from Alicia and Eric’s wedding, click on over to my friend Michelle’s blog.

  • michelle - i love it! great stuff… i love your composition of the ‘you go girl’. i love your take on the violinist… and of course, the last one is classic! thanks for having me along :o)

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  • Sandy Jenete - I love these! Such wonderful images and an absolutely beautiful bride!

  • rachel darley - These are beautiful! I like seeing both your’s and Michelle’s points-of-view! Such a gorgeous couple and fortunate to have had you both to capture their day!

  • Todd - Thanks Michelle!
    Sandy, thanks so much!
    Rachel, thank you. Yeah, I love seeing other photographer’s perspectives on the same event, or how they handled a difficult shooting problem or situation.

  • Fran Chelico - these are really fantastic! you did a great job for Erik & Alicia!

  • Quelyn - Oh man! That reception hall is unreal, it looks so neat being so white like that. It looked like a magazine setup. Really colorful & awesome though

  • Elisabeth Millay - what !? – you don’t like shooting in the rain ? πŸ˜‰
    these are great. you both did such an awesome job.

  • Todd - ha Lis! Yes, I was talking about you! πŸ™‚ I hope it rains for you on all your weddings. πŸ™‚ Not sure if your brides will like that though, ha!

    Thanks for your compliment, much appreciated.

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