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Let me start by saying that Melissa is a self professed photography snob! And rightfully so, she’s a photographer herself! I can relate, as I myself am a bit of a photography snob too. So, I was honored when she and Carl chose me to photograph their fun and unique wedding in Philadelphia this weekend. Melissa is also one of my silent blog stalkers too. This became clearly evident when I showed up to her parent’s house where she was getting ready and she left me a note saying there were Rice Krispie Treats in the kitchen for me!!! In some past blog entry, I don’t even know which one, I must have mentioned that on wedding day I partake in Gatorade and Rice Krispie Treats all day long to keep my stamina up. How flippin’ awesome is it that there was a big box of them waiting for me? Thank you Melissa!!!! Melissa and Carl were SO easy and fun to photograph. Melissa was truly up for anything too which included, but wasn’t limited to, climbing up onto a tank, jumping off of said tank, hopping up onto a narrow loading dock after I had just fallen trying it myself, among other daring feats as well. We photographed around Melissa and Carl’s neighborhood of Fishtown for some cool urban shots in Philadelphia. Then it was on over to the gorgeous Glen Foerd Mansion. Melissa had some great touches to her wedding, like her awesome synthetic shoes with two big red hearts on them, the 1,000+ folded paper cranes which were all over the venue, their invitations which included some photos of Ewoks carrying wedding rings, and the use of her grandfather’s old bottles as part of the centerpieces. I know I totally went overboard on how many photos I am posting, but hey, it’s my blog, and I’ll go overboard if I want to! I had a great time hanging out with you guys today! Congratulations!

Love this one!

I hope I get this right. I think this was Melissa’s grandmother’s chair that Melissa’s grandfather made.

I love how Melissa’s flowers look crammed into the end of the gun!

Out of nowhere, this horse came down this side street. I love when stuff like this happens!

Here’s a shot of only some of the folded paper cranes throughout Glen Foerd Mansion.

And here’s how the cranes got there. Melissa’s friends helped out with the folding and hanging. And speaking of hanging…

Some of Melissa’s grandfather’s old bottles used on the center of the tables.

Note to future Flower Girls: Try to spread out the times you throw flowers, and don’t wait until the end of the aisle to dump all of them at once!

Just as Melissa made her way down the aisle, the sun peeked out on the right hand side.

I happened to be in the right place at the right time as Melissa looked over to her parents during the ceremony.

I love capturing the double hug!

What I like about this photo is that there are three things happening simultaneously. Of course we see the gentleman standing, his pointer finger a pointin’, inspired to get his groove on, but then in the lower part of the frame we see little Tommy sort of sulking in his chair while his dad seemingly tries to comfort him, then we see in the right part of the frame, a gentleman who appears to have been caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar. I hope someone sent him into this pocketbook and I haven’t actually captured a felony in progress!

I wish I had a story to go along with this photo, but I don’t. Feel free to make up your own. I’m going with this being a Cornholio impersonation!

Holy murals Batman!!!! After salivating as I passed by Peter Luger’s Steakhouse on my way to Gemma and Patrick’s apartment in Brooklyn, my Spidey photographer senses began to tingle as I started to pass cool mural after awesome mural! And for those of you counting, yes, I just referenced two super heroes in as many sentences! Gemma and Patrick were so easy to photograph, but having kick butt backdrops certainly didn’t hurt things either! I had a blast hanging out with these two around their stomping grounds and am really excited to photograph their wedding in December. In fact, their wedding will certainly be the last one I photograph in 2009. Yes, their wedding date is December 31, 2009! Looking forward to it guys!

This reminds me of those Geiko commercials…”I always feel like…somebody’s watching me”

I just got this new lens called a lensbaby from the UPS guy a few hours before I left for Gemma and Patrick’s. It’s a highly selective focus lens but is proving a little tricky to use! I liked this one though.

Perhaps my brain subconsciously picked up on the word “Hero” from this photo when I started blogging? Would it be weird if I started showing up to weddings wearing a cape and tights?

Hands, Duck, Empire State Building…Done!

These are all the frogs Gemma had to kiss before meeting her prince. haha, I’m on a corny roll!

I had such an amazing time photographing Merav and Jon’s wedding today! We had a great couple who were so in love, an awesome venue, the weather was picture perfect, and come to think of it, so was Merav! We all started out at the Jersey City Hyatt for Merav and Jon’s prep and their escalator “reveal”! Jon was hilarious all day long, and provided great comic relief, cracking both Merav and myself up. At one point in the day Jon was telling me that Merav was one of my closet blog stalkers (I know there are more of you out there too!!!). Anyway, as any good blog stalker knows, my wife is pregnant. Well, Merav was starting to get worried that my wife might go into labor just before or on their wedding day and that I would not be able to photograph their wedding. After letting out a hardy chuckle I explained to Jon that after many long and sometimes laborious (pun intended) conversations with my wife, we have agreed that I will not miss a wedding if she goes into labor on wedding day. The odds are that this won’t happen anyway, but there you go. Now that I think about this, I feel bad for any female independent wedding photographers out there who have to shoot while being pregnant or miss weddings in the later stages of pregnancy, and also after the birth as well. Too bad they can’t get maternity leave! I digress!

Merav and Jon’s beautiful outdoor ceremony took place at the Newark Museum in Newark NJ in the courtyard. The reception was held inside. I had a blast photographing all the kids being either swung around the room by their hands, or sitting atop of an adults head, or even cartwheeling around the dance floor! Congratulations Merav and Jon! Enjoy Hawaii you lucky ducks!

Here comes Jon up the escalator to get his first looks at Merav on their wedding day.

All that white space on the left is actually in the photo. I’m not sure why I felt compelled to tell you that.

This is some SEVERE camera tilt eh?!

Instead of using the more traditional “One Foot Stomp”, Jon opts for the much more impressive “Two Foot Stomp”! Nice one Jon!

Looking up…

…and looking down.

This ended well…
…and this didn’t end so well…

…and this one ended in tears! (don’t worry he was fine)

So, Susan, Zoe and I packed up the family truckster and headed out to Martha’s Vineyard for a week of fun and relaxation! I don’t even think we made it out of Scotch Plains before Zoe piped up from the back seat “when the heck are we going to be there?”! I knew it was going to be a long 5 hours right away! We had an absolute blast spending the week in MV. We spent most of our time on the beaches, but also visited a few farms, sailed on the Black Dog Schooner, the Alabama, stopped by the Farmer’s Market, drank plenty of Arnie Palmers, and of course we had our fair share of Lobsta Rolls too! It was great to get away for a bit, but it’s also great to be back home too!

So, I picked out a bunch of photos to blog, but decided to try something a little bit different as far as the order I post them in. As I had pulled all the photos together that were for the blog, I started noticing some similarities between photos that were taken apart from one another. So rather than post the photos in chronological order, or by grouping them just by their content alone, I have tried to group them in a way that the photo on top somehow relates to the one below it. Now, I know this isn’t 100% successful and some are a stretch for sure and some just don’t have any connection to the one above it, but I tried nonetheless. So, as you are looking at them, see if you can pick up on how the top photo may relate to the photo below it. Some are as simple as the use of color, texture, shape, camera angle etc.

I don’t know about you, but there is something very refreshing about having sand kicked in your face by two pretty ladies!

So, the connection between this photo and the one above it should be pretty straight forward…no?

Zoe is one bad ass 4 year old!

A detail of the massive main sail from the Schooner, The Alabama.

I wanted to test the tonal range of my camera, so Zoe and I collected these rocks of varying shades of grey and put them together. I’ve always wanted to try this after being such a big fan of Andy Goldsworthy!

Balancing rocks on the beach of Aquinna is a popular thing to do and quite beautiful in its simplicity.

Sacks of mmmmmussels.

“When the heck are we gonna be there!?”

Just in case you don’t notice the kite, there is a kite in this photo. 🙂

YARGH! Hoist the Jolly Roger mate!

Another work created by Zoe and me.

Just in case you are still playing “how does this photo relate to the one above it” game, NO I am not calling Susan a pig! The connection is “mamas” and “tummies”.

That circle is actually the sun which was masked by some mist and clouds. I processed this image bluer then it was to give the look that it might be dusk/moonlight.

We’ve certainly had our share of rain this spring/summer. Zoe embraced the rain though and donned her rain gear and jumped in some puddles when she could. When the sun finally made its appearance, it was nice to get out in the backyard and enjoy Zoe’s ginormous tree swing. On one hot day I asked Zoe if she wanted some ice cream and of course I realize the ridiculousness of this question to a 4 year old! Well, Zoe decided that she wanted to mix mint chocolate chip ice cream with rainbow sherbet. Who am I to deny her icy desires? Anyway, I thought I would post some photos of Zoe just being Zoe.

I thought it was cute when Zoe pretended to think when I asked, “Zoe, would you like some ice cream?”

Then things got decidedly messy!

After hosing Zoe down and an outfit change it was swing time…

…and some dress up!

F R E E   S T U F F