Christine + Albert

I was super honored to photograph Christine and Albert’s engagement session today in Central Park. See, I was already booked for their wedding date and they had to hire another photographer, but they really wanted some photographs by me. So they chose to do their e-session with me. I loved how Albert was able to make Christine laugh so much, as you will see in their photos! The weather was a little precarious at some points as the skies opened up at one point. But we headed for the bandshell for some cover and were even treated to some spoken word poetry while waiting the rain out! We also got some cool stuff with a passing sun shower as well. Congratulations guys, best of luck to you both!

I don’t think I’ve ever photographed an engagement session during a sun shower before!

While we were working this location I noticed Christine and Albert looking inquisitively at Christine’s shoulder. Upon further inspection…

…it was a butterfly. This butterfly would sit on her shoulder, fly away and come back again!

I know these little dots of light is actually from a swarm of gnats being backlit, but that’s not very romantic is it?! Let’s just say that these are cute little twinkling love fairies instead!

F R E E   S T U F F