Ashley + Jason

Ashley and Jason really lucked out today, after all the rain we have been having lately, to get a beautiful sunny day for their hitching together. Not that you need a sunny day to have a great wedding, but when sunflowers are a main element to your flower scheme, it kind of helps! Ashley and Jason were so awesome to work with, I loved the entire day. They had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony out by the barn at Perona Farms, followed by some great toasts and dancing during the reception. Ya know, while I’m sitting here typing this, I just had a funny idea pop into my head. I only wish I had thought of it before their wedding. Ashley and Jason are involved in a dodge ball league, which I totally wish I had time for but don’t. Anyway, how funny would it have been to have their bridal party standing around them in a circle, throwing dodge balls at them!? I hate when my good ideas come after the wedding, sorry guys! Congratulations, and I hope you have a blast in Saint Lucia!

During the ceremony, one of Ashley’s bridesmaids played guitar and sang them a beautiful song.

I love first dances!

The fierce Hoboken crew!

F R E E   S T U F F