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I was super honored to photograph Christine and Albert’s engagement session today in Central Park. See, I was already booked for their wedding date and they had to hire another photographer, but they really wanted some photographs by me. So they chose to do their e-session with me. I loved how Albert was able to make Christine laugh so much, as you will see in their photos! The weather was a little precarious at some points as the skies opened up at one point. But we headed for the bandshell for some cover and were even treated to some spoken word poetry while waiting the rain out! We also got some cool stuff with a passing sun shower as well. Congratulations guys, best of luck to you both!

I don’t think I’ve ever photographed an engagement session during a sun shower before!

While we were working this location I noticed Christine and Albert looking inquisitively at Christine’s shoulder. Upon further inspection…

…it was a butterfly. This butterfly would sit on her shoulder, fly away and come back again!

I know these little dots of light is actually from a swarm of gnats being backlit, but that’s not very romantic is it?! Let’s just say that these are cute little twinkling love fairies instead!

I had photographed Becky and Cuong’s engagement session last month, so I already knew they had great chemistry together. In fact, it was difficult to get a photo of Becky where she wasn’t smiling! I met up with Becky and Cuong in the Meat Packing District in the city for some photos of just them. Take note future brides: Becky and Cuong gave me both a great location and almost 2 hours with them! This is practically a slam dunk for amazing photos! I say practically because you still need good light and a couple who are happily in love and don’t mind showing it. Oh yeah, and you also need me, haha! Well guess what, we had all of those ingredients today, and it’s a surefire recipe for great photos! Yay, thank you guys! After their photos we then headed to the ceremony/reception venue, the gorgeous Castle on the Hudson. It had rained on and off all day long, and we actually lucked out in the city with Becky and Cuong’s photos, but once we got to the Castle on the Hudson, the rain came down in buckets and then would stop, and then start again. The ceremony had to be moved inside, but I don’t think it mattered too much as this was perhaps the fastest ceremony I have ever photographed. I checked the time stamps on my cameras and from the time Becky came down the aisle with her parents to the time she walked back up the aisle with Cuong, 9 minutes had elapsed! This was such a fun wedding to be a part of, thank you so much for having me along, and especially for giving me the time to do what I do best! Congratulations, and I hope you have a blast in Italy!

The irony of this shot kills me!

Sometimes the flower girl needs a little help finishing the job!

I arrived a little early to Samantha and Dave’s e-session so I could scout a few new spots in Asbury Park to shoot. When I got to the “Casino” area I saw another photographer working with a family. I thought, hmmm, that guy looks familiar. I get closer and realize that it’s my good friend and awesome wedding photographer Jeff. Jeff actually shot my wedding 11 years ago. I had this strange feeling I would see him there, I can’t explain it. Anyway, I then realize later that Samantha and Dave were actually referrals from Jeff. Small world indeed! Samantha and Dave were so awesome to photograph and a lot of fun to be around too! And even though Dave would sometimes get a little distracted by the smells of food wafting around the boardwalk, he hung in there and gave it his all. Thanks Dave! While we were working this one location I see this really small round guy who was bald on top who was wearing glasses. I did a double take and thought, gee that guy looks a little like Danny DeVito. Sure enough, it was Mr. Devito. While I would have loved to work him into a photo somehow, he was already being bombarded by other photographers. I just thought I would mention that cause I guess it’s not every day you see Danny DeVito, well, unless you’re his wife or something I suppose. Anyway, thank you Samantha and Dave for a fun day in Asbury Park. I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in September!

I love this shot! When we came upon this wall Samantha requested we get a photo of Dave next to the “Pork Chop” graffiti. I didn’t know this, but apparently “Pork Chop” is a common nickname for Portuguese people. Well, if you didn’t spot the Portuguese flag tattooed on Dave’s arm already, he’s Portuguese. I also love how Dave’s shirt matches the blue circles on the wall!

Today I met up with Magick and Chris for their engagement session on the grounds of Monmouth University. This was my first time at the University and I was very impressed with the grounds! And while it did start to rain about midway through our session, it wasn’t a problem because the inside of Wilson Hall (the main building) was just awesome! I had a great time hanging out with Magick and Chris this afternoon and am really looking forward to shooting their wedding at Mallard Island next May. It will be here before you know it guys!

I loved everything about Rebecca and Matt’s wedding today! First of all, it was held at this really cool old house called Oakside Mansion, where they had a beautiful outdoor ceremony in the garden, and an awesome party in the tent just off the house. Another really cool element of Rebecca and Matt’s wedding was there gear/cog inspired wedding invitations which I believe came from Matt’s cuff links. One of the most unique sets cuff links I’ve seen to date. Not to mention their very personalized wedding bands. Of course Rebecca and Matt were just awesome to work with and gave me plenty of time to photograph them before the ceremony. Yay! They were super cute together and up for anything. But one of my favorite moments from today was when Rebecca’s mom offered me a granola bar during the prep stage of the day. I politely declined, as anyone who has worked with me before knows that I am well stocked with Rice Krispie Treats and Gatorade. And then she proceeded to say, “perhaps some Ovaltine?” in her best Frau Blucha voice. It caught me off guard, but once it sunk in that it was a line from one of my all time favorite movies, Young Frankenstein, I couldn’t stop laughing. Of course, we all then started quoting the movie much to my delight! Yet another great element of Rebecca and Matt’s wedding was where they sat me for dinner. Most reception venues put the vendors out in the cocktail area for dinner, but I must admit, I have also been “thrown” into a broom closet with a lame Turkey sandwich too. Then there’s Rebecca and Matt who not only gave me a proper table in the reception room to sit at, but they also sat me at table #1!!!! That’s right table #1! Thank you guys, you sure know how to make a wedding photographer feel special. Congratulations Rebecca and Matt. Enjoy that slow scenic drive up to Maine!

There’s just something about this shot that I love!

Rebecca, I apologize in advance if random people start calling you “Sugar Booger”!

Check out Matt’s cuff links!

I ask for laughing, and luaghing is what I get!

In Matt’s defense, this is strictly a retaliatory strike!

My sachel of candy certainly made the trip home more enjoyable, thanks guys!


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