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Krista + Matt {Key West Slide show}

Krista and Matt’s wedding in Key West Florida was SUCH a blast to photograph, and I loved how their photos turned out! So I decided to put together a little slide show so everyone could see a little more from this fantastic wedding. Thanks to Michelle Arlotta for helping me out on this one! So click on it and enjoy!

Krista + Matt {Key West Slide show} - [...] Original post by Laffler Photography Blog [...]

Melissa Papaj - You are simply AMAZING!

Krista - Just wonderful! We couldn’t be happier. We love the slideshow and all the amazing pictures! :)

Kimberly - I must say that these photos were some of the best wedding photographs I have ever seen in my life. Beautiful wedding capturing by an amazing photographer. Bravo!

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Jeanine + Kevin

Because I shot Jeanine and Kevin’s engagement session last November at Liberty State Park, I already knew this was going to be a fun wedding to shoot! I had photographed Katie’s, Jeanine’s matron of honor, wedding last year as well, so it was good to see her and her husband Chris again too. We had a gorgeous day, a great venue, a fun bridal party and an awesome couple to work with today! Yay! The reception was held at the Heldrich in New Brunswick NJ. Congratulations you two, and enjoy that honeymoon in Mexico!

Jeanine reading the card that Kevin wrote to her.

The Groom - Hola from Mexico! Great pictures, can’t wait to see the rest. We love them! Thanks again

marge felix - OMG! The pictures are awesome! What a wonderful setting and beautiful couple! Congratulations!
The Felix’s

Karen & Willie Smyack - This was probably the best wedding we’ve ever attended! My son and I danced the night away and had an absolute blast! Your wedding photographs are absolutely amazing, as were the engagement photos. I wish you could have been there in Napa Valley when Kevin surprised Jeanine and proposed! Those pictures would have been awesome as well as it was such a special day! We can’t wait to see the rest!!!! oxoxoxo Karen & Will Smyack

Vincent and Melina - What an amazing couple with pictures to match!!! Brilliant job… You may have gained some clients as we are prepping to wed sometime next year…. Nice work and much love to Kevin and Jeanine….

Jim and Theresa Christopher- Jeanine's Parents - Thank you for helping Jeanine and Kevin’s Wedding Day be special. Please do a good job on the photos …….

Jim and Theresa Christopher

Brittany - Hey chick! Congrats to you and Kev again!!! Your wedding was beautiful and you guys looked amazing! Nean, you were stunning! Love ya!! – Britt

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Today I met little miss Madison for her 1 year old photo shoot…serious business!. She is such a cutie, and she really loved waving hello to the other people at Rutgers Gardens. I had a great time hanging out with Madison and her dad today, thanks guys!

Neil Benzillio - Wow, do I admire the pure beauty of those pics!! Nick, those pics of you & Madison are classic…


Nick - Todd – Phenomenal job! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.

jalil - such a nice pictures.the bokeh are really nice..

marcus - nice, good pics, great to see you embracing fatherhood

Marion - Nick, I’ve always said you would be a great father. Thanks for letting me share your joy.

kathleen - She is soo beautiful! Love the pics, they are natural and beautiful… can’t stand staged shots, she is just enjoying hanging out with her daddy..

Ramona Bady - Oh my goodness, Liz these are so precious. She looks alot like you!

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Becky + Cuong

I had such a great time hanging out with Becky and Cuong today. They decided on the NYU area for some photos since they both just started attending there. I was telling Cuong how I had done another engagement session in the same area last year with Warren and Agnes, who also attended NYU together. Well, while I was photographing Becky and Cuong in front of Jack Black (see shot below), who comes strolling in front of us but Warren! Small world indeed. After Warren was done telling Becky and Cuong how great I am, we hopped on the subway towards Bryant Park for the second half of our session. We got some great shots and Becky and Cuong were real troopers while I had some minor technical difficulties with my flash. Thanks guys, see you next month for your wedding!

No, Cuong doesn’t really have fangs! I couldn’t resist a little Photoshopping! And just in case anyone is still unsure…this photo is a joke! Postscript: After showing this photo to Susan, she totally didn’t see that there are two silhouetted heads behind them which they are mimicking. hmmm, maybe this isn’t a successful joke!

Gary S - Absolutely gorgeous work. Very inspirational and you seem to be very aware. If you ever need an assistant, second shooter or just someone to help, give me a shout. I’m in New Hope, PA so I’m not that far away.


Bride - We had an awesome time! Todd is AMAZING — truly one of a kind. We can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

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Alexa’s Bat Mitzvah

I couldn’t wait to post these photos from Alexa’s Bat Mitzvah! Alexa gave me 25 minutes of her time before the cocktail hour began to do a mini-photo shoot. I found this cool little back alley right around the corner from where her reception was taking place, The Loft in Montclair, NJ. I decided to “run” with the whole loft/New York City/grunge theme. I loved how these turned out! And although Alexa has a unique gift of blinking the millisecond before I press the shutter, we worked it out! During the cocktail hour I saw a lot of familiar faces. I got to see past mitzvah kids like Jessie, Carly, AJ, and Allie. Alexa’s party was such a blast to photograph! Her family and friends are truly a great group of people who clearly know how to have a great time! Congratulations Alexa.

This is Alexa’s little brother “wild man” Jackson. How flippin’ cute is he?!

This is how it’s done!

Proving that sometimes more is actually more!

Feuza - Wow- the first shots with red background are breathtaking- what a beautiful fun moment- these are awesome shots!

Marianne and Art - Amazing party …… Stunning parents and beautiful kids….. but oh that Alexa, what a wonderful young woman!

The party was NOW …Thanks for letting us share. Oh yeah, fabulous pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

Art and Marianne

Bubbe - I must have a copy of the very first picture of Alexa. I can’t breathe when I look at these pictures! Love, Bubbe

Robert Wagner - Wow! Three C’s come to mind when I saw this post: Colorful, Creative and Competent… incredible work!

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Today I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time baby Chase who was born less than a week ago! I had originally photographed Chase’s big brother Kaden last October, around his first birthday. Needless to say, he’s growing like a weed! It was really great to meet the new addition to the family and I look forward to documenting him growing up alongside big bro Kaden. Thanks for your patience today Chase!


For a second there I thought Chase was flipping me the bird!

Big brother Kaden is on baby monitor duty. So what if Chase was sleeping directly behind him, and so what if the monitor isn’t even plugged in, Kaden takes this very seriously!

Chase was not harmed in any way in the making of this photograph!

Ali - Todd, these are spectacular! Your ability to capture the perfect moment so beautifully is amazing, especially with a newborn and a 19 mth old. We had such a blast and Kaden in particular loved your donald duck noises! THANK YOU AGAIN!!

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Stephanie + Joris {Post Wedding Day} Post 4 of 4

So, after Friday and Saturday’s festivities, Stephanie and Joris agreed to don their wedding attire once again for a little post wedding shoot. They must have been exhausted, but you would never know it judging by these photos and by both their enthusiasm and willingness to trudge through thick weeds, hay fields, and fluffy vineyard dirt! I loved the photos we got though and am so glad we did this. And thanks once again for following us to a gas station after the shoot, that gas light warning was starting to make me nervous! Also a big thank you for being so thoughtful towards Susan and me during our stay in Cyprus. You guys are the best! I hope you guys enjoy and relax on your much deserved honeymoon to Seychelles and Dubai! Congratulations!

maria - FABULOUS!!!!

helen - MY GOODNESS..these are SO stephanie and joris!!! it’s the sunglasses!

Sue - WOW!

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