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I just can’t get over what an incredible year 2008 was! I had 41 awesome couples who let me share their big days with them. A GINORMOUS THANK YOU to each and every one of you! It was my absolute pleasure to capture your day of days, and I feel truly honored you chose me to do so! I put together a slide show using some of my favorite wedding images taken in 2008. It’s a little long though, so grab a nice cup of coffee, sit back in your chair, relax, and enjoy the show. Thanks again to all of my great couples, and a huge congratulations to you! Without further ado, I present to you all, The 2008 Best of Weddings slide show.

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  • Dana Schneider - Todd, you amaze me more and more…beautiful slide show!

  • Krystal Radlinski - Just fantastic. You guys just don’t get enough recognition for the impeccable quality of work you put out.

    A longtime fan,

  • jennifer - WOW! looks like you had a great year. Can’t wait to see 2009.

  • Victoria Reinstra - Just beautiful. Makes me want to do it again!! Your work is so wonderful, you truely have a gift and it shows. Enjoy 09.

  • Onada Photography - your work is beautiful! Here’s to an even better 2009

  • Alexa Catalin - You are such a great photographer. I love your work, it really inspires me.

  • Sherry Sutton Anderson - I’m honored to be one of your 2008 weddings! You are a constant inspiration to me… especially now that I am following in your footsteps as a professional photographer. Keep up the amazing work. XOXO

I decided to throw a quick slide show together using only detail shots I had taken in 2008. It’s mostly rings, a few dresses, a splash of shoes, and a peppering of flowers. Enjoy!

  • Melissa Papaj - Great as always! I love how you are so creative with the ring shots!

  • Kara - Love the slideshow and music! What’s the name of the song and artist, if you don’t mind?

  • Todd - Hi Kara. Thanks! The artist is Sondre Lerche and the song title is “Let My Love Open The Door”

  • kamieo - Do you mind me asking where did you create this slide show?

  • Todd - Hi Kamieo. I am using a program called Showit Web. Thanks

2008 was certainly a banner year for laffler photography! It was jam packed with unbelievable clients who entrusted me to record their special memories for them. It’s not something I take lightly, and am so grateful for the opportunity! A big thank you to all of you! I have compiled a slide show, sort of the greatest hits of 2008, of all the engagement sessions I did in 2008. Stay tuned for the 2008 best of Weddings coming soon! Enjoy.

  • Ashley & Jason - Nice work Todd! Can’t wait to see more!

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  • Julie - Hi Todd!

    Just browsing photography blogs & came across yours. What a great slide show presentation of your gorgeous work! You are highly creative & talented! Wonderful tribute to your clients, friends & YOU!

  • Aaron Oster - Beautiful shots–very natural & fun, even in the more high-concept stuff. Your environmental portraits are inspirational.

  • Adam - Great stuff Todd! I was looking for engagement photo inspiration and I found it! Thanks!

  • Antony Pratap - Awesomeness! Total inspiration! I’m gonna take some tips from here =)

    Thanks for sharing!!

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I just got back from attending Mystic 4 in Connecticut. Mystic 4 is a wedding photographer’s get together (about 250 of us) with some awesome speakers giving us a glimpse into their work and offering little gems of wisdom. Many thanks to Walter Van Dusen for putting this together and running such a great event like this. I’m really looking forward to Mystic 5 with Jerry Ghionis!

Here’s a shot of my good friend, and fellow photographer, Bob LoRusso, finding the light in Mystic during the snow storm!

Today’s forecast: SNOW! Well, it did snow, but that did not stop all the fired up party goers from coming out to help AJ celebrate his Bar Mitzvah! The reception was held at Space Odyssey USA in Englewood NJ. The attention to every detail was amazing! The space was awesome for both kids and adults, and everyone had a blast! AJ’s dad even sang a little tribute to AJ as well, very funny! Congratulations AJ!

I loved how the snow coming down kind of looked like the solar system behind the Space Odyssey sign.

And here’s AJ!

Check out this mini bowling alley!

AJ’s little brother Garrett tearing it up in the arcade.

Here’s AJ while his dad sings to him.

Garrett in the “truth” chair.

Two words: Bad Boy!

Everyone watching the slide show montage of AJ.

I love this shot taken earlier in the day at the Temple of AJ with his Grandfather.

  • Anonymous - wow!!!! It looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nice pictures!!!

  • Jamie Kline - These pics from AJ’s party are fabulous!!!!

  • Jennifer Smutek - Such great shots. You really know how to light a room!

  • Claudio - I’m always checking your work…Excellent.
    One question…Do You overexpose some of your pics, or modify them with software to look brigther?

  • Todd - Thanks everyone! Claudio, no I don’t overexpose, I try to expose as best I can on the spot, and if necessary will make adjustments to the RAW file in Adobe Light Room.

  • Derryn - I really enjoy looking at these pictures. What camera do you use? is it digital or film. I think your colours are so wonderful and vibrant. WELL DONE! you’re doing a great job!

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