Erin + Joe

Erin and Joe’s wedding was my 41st and last wedding of 2008! What I find interesting was that I shot my first wedding of 2008 at the Stony Hill Inn back in March. Ironically, I shot my last wedding of 2008 there as well, Erin and Joe’s. Also, I have not been back to the Stony Hill Inn in the last 39 weddings in between. I had already photographed Erin and Joe’s engagement session several weeks ago, and also shot their rehearsal dinner at the Yogi Berra museum the night before (see previous post). I also got to see Radar, Erin and Joe’s dog, again too! It was a foggy and misty kind of day, but I thought it added a cool atmosphere to everything. Once again, Erin and Joe were just awesome to work with, and it was a great pleasure to photograph their wedding day. Congratulations guys, enjoy your honeymoon!

Here’s my buddy Radar!

Don’t mess with this guy, he’s with Ring Security!

My hair almost caught on fire getting this shot, but it was well worth it!

Erin and her dad.

Lots of shots!

I love finding these intimate moments on the dance floor!

F R E E   S T U F F