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Erin and Joe’s wedding was my 41st and last wedding of 2008! What I find interesting was that I shot my first wedding of 2008 at the Stony Hill Inn back in March. Ironically, I shot my last wedding of 2008 there as well, Erin and Joe’s. Also, I have not been back to the Stony Hill Inn in the last 39 weddings in between. I had already photographed Erin and Joe’s engagement session several weeks ago, and also shot their rehearsal dinner at the Yogi Berra museum the night before (see previous post). I also got to see Radar, Erin and Joe’s dog, again too! It was a foggy and misty kind of day, but I thought it added a cool atmosphere to everything. Once again, Erin and Joe were just awesome to work with, and it was a great pleasure to photograph their wedding day. Congratulations guys, enjoy your honeymoon!

Here’s my buddy Radar!

Don’t mess with this guy, he’s with Ring Security!

My hair almost caught on fire getting this shot, but it was well worth it!

Erin and her dad.

Lots of shots!

I love finding these intimate moments on the dance floor!

I photographed Erin and Joe’s engagement session several weeks ago, so I already knew they would be up for some fun shots! Both Erin and Joe work for Major League Baseball, so what better place to have your rehearsal dinner than the Yogi Berra Museum in Montclair? It was the perfect location for a low key and fun event. I especially enjoyed the cheese steak appetizers! They also had a hot dog vendor wagon too…nice touch! Fun was had by all!

Erin working on her dance moves for tomorrow!

Joe doesn’t need no stinkin’ knife to cut his cake! SPLAT!

This is what you get when you eat the Mets’ logo!

Erin and Joe win the Pennant!!!!

And the celebration continues in the locker room!

I met up with Jenna and Ben in Central Park today for their engagement session. We had fun wandering around all the cool spots and Jenna and Ben were a blast to work with. Ben would make some weird faces and then Jenna would laugh. I love that! It was a little chilly, but the sun was out and these two had their love to keep them warm! I just had a thick jacket and some gloves! Thanks for a great day in the park guys!

I love this one!

I told you it was sunny….

…and cold! I love how you can see their breath!

Natalie and Michael are such a sweet couple, it was my true pleasure photographing their wedding. They were both such troopers today, braving the cold weather so that we could get some cool shots in downtown Summit. The ceremony took place in the beautiful St. John’s the Baptist Ukranian Catholic Church in Newark NJ. But I would have to say the thing that stood out the most for me today were some of the astounding dance moves I saw later in the evening. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Rather than try to describe it, you can just scroll down a bit and check it out for yourself! Their reception took place at the Grand Summit Hotel in Summit NJ. Congratulations guys!

The sun kept dipping in and out, so we had to act fast!

I love when there are kids at weddings!

No trick photography, and yes, they are spinning!

First and foremost I’d like to thank Jennifer and Bryon for giving me SO much time for photography! I can’t stress what a difference it makes when I have a good amount of time to photograph the bride and groom while also having great locations to work with. Take notes future brides! Everything took place at the awesome Racquet Club of Philadelphia. Ok, so certain parts of the Racquet Club had a slight creepy “Shining” feel to it, but I think it was just in the hallways. But the rest of the place was just stunning. A great old 101 year old building with tons of character! One of the coolest things was seeing the Court Tennis area. I was not familiar with this type of tennis, but it looks REALLY cool. I guess it’s somewhat of a combination of regular tennis and racquet ball. Just google it! Another cool thing was Bryon and his two best men (his brothers) wearing black and white Converse All Stars! Nice touch guys! Jennifer and Bryon decided to see each other before the ceremony, which gave us some day light to go out to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for a photo session. We got some great shots there! This was such a fun wedding to photograph, everyone was so awesome to work with. I will try to put together a little slide show for you guys and will post it on the blog when I can. My way of saying thanks for giving me lots of time to photograph you guys! I hope I posted this in time for you to check out before you leave for your honeymoon. Enjoy!

I love this shot in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I did have to clone out a lady talking on her cell phone who wouldn’t move though!

This room was just begging for a photograph!


I loved the sun light reflecting off this large window.

This was cool. Jennifer came in from the left and her dad came in from the right, as they met in the center so her dad could escort her downstairs to Bryon.

I love this little look Jennifer’s matron of honor, Jennifer, gives her. Is it just me or does she look a little like Kate from John and Kate plus 8?

I love the expression on the minister’s face as Jennifer and Bryon lean in for their first kiss.

I was SO happy when Jennifer and Bryon met me upstairs on the court for another little photo session right after the ceremony.

I “heart” this one!

My second photographer hard at work!

End of the night…

…or was it? Nope, it was on to our third photo session after everyone left. YAY!

Props to Jennifer for braving the cold for a few shots in front of City Hall!

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