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Jessica emailed me a few weeks ago and wanted to know if I could photograph her and Steve’s engagement session. Obviously I said yes. Turns out Jessica knows Jessica (of Jessica and Jeff) who’s wedding I just photographed a few weeks ago. What was really cool though, was that Jessica sent me a link to an online gallery of Steve’s actual proposal! Very cool! I met up with Jessica and Steve at a historic park in Fort Lee NJ overlooking the George Washington Bridge. It was really really cold today, but Jessica and Steve didn’t complain once. I didn’t either, but I sort of wanted to. One of the perks of this cold weather though is that when I leave my Gatorade in the car, it stays nice and chilly for me! Thanks for a fun day out guys!

Yay! Sun flare!


I love irony!

Love this one.

Wow, does time fly! I photographed Kellen over two and a half years ago when he was only a few months old, and now he is a big 3 year old! It was great to see him again. And it was even a greater pleasure to meet Kellen’s new adorable little brother Declan. Kellen’s dad was telling me that before I came, Kellen was having trouble pronouncing my name and instead of calling me Todd, he was calling me God! So he was asking “where’s God?”. Unbeknownst to the world, God was actually driving North on the Garden State Parkway! I had a blast following these little guys around today. Thanks little dudes!

I love this one of little Declan tickling the ivories.

Check out Kellen guarding his pop corn that was in the kitchen!

All gone!

Two words…Jock Jams! Ok, so that’s an inside joke, but I bet Kelly and Ian’s bridal party just laughed! So, what’s with all this November rain anyway?! Well, actually we fared pretty well today, so I shouldn’t really complain. It did rain here and there, but mostly it was a mild drizzle. Kelly and Ian were troopers about it too. Kelly donned her flip flops and hiked up her dress, and Ian grabbed the umbrella, and off we went for a REALLY low light session. The photos of Kelly and Ian may not look dark, but trust me, it was pretty dark out. And just when we thought we couldn’t squeeze another photo out because of the diminishing light, my enthusiastic second shooter Lis, suggested we try bouncing our flashes off a near by white building. Genius! Kelly and Ian were so easy to work with today, and their happiness just poured out of them! YAY! And as a “small world” side note, it turns out I was a second shooter for one of Kelly’s bride’s maids! Small indeed! Kelly and Ian’s reception was held at the Primavera Regency in Stirling NJ. Enjoy Costa Rica you guys! Congratulations!

My favorite of the day!

Kelly’s junior bride’s maid was so excited to be apart of her wedding!

I love how Kelly is looking at Ian during the ceremony.

This was the first shot right after their first kiss.

Ian doesn’t have very good balance I’m told.

So cute!

I lit this using my on camera flash which was bounced against a white building. (for those blog stalking photographers out there!)

First dance.

The start of a new dance craze???? The “Butterfly”

I’m really looking forward to shooting Jeanine and Kevin’s wedding next year. Jeanine found me through a referral from Katie (scroll down a few posts). I just shot Katie and Chris’ wedding last weekend, and Jeanine was actually a bride’s maid for that one. I met up with Jeanine and Kevin at Liberty State park in Jersey city, one of my favorite locations. I couldn’t get over how low the sun was in the sky when we started at around 2pm. It made for some great light though. Mr. Moon even came out for a cameo appearance! You guys were awesome, and I can’t wait for next year!

I love how deserted the park looks in this shot!

We also had some great light inside the old train station too!

Love this one!

YAY! Sun flare!

I shot Erica and Greg’s engagement session a few months ago, and knew they were up for anything when Erica gave Greg a piggy back ride! Well, today was pretty much more of the same. I have to applaud them for giving me tons of time to photograph them. I can’t stress enough how important it is that I get a good amount of time with the bride and groom for photography, and you can see from the results below that it really pays off! Also, today is a perfect example of why I tell my brides NOT to obsessively check the weather forecasts days in advance of their wedding. Yes, it did rain today, but only during Erica’s prep up until the middle of the ceremony. Once we came out of the church it was just overcast the rest of the day. By the way, overcast is GREAT for photography, although a little sun flare here and there is nice too! I have to tell you about a funny thing that happened right before the reception began. I was up on a ladder getting my overhead table shot when a waiter came out carrying a big tray of little pats of butter. All the sudden I hear this big CRASH! Yep, he tripped and the butter went everywhere. This wasn’t really the funny part though. Then a chef came out from the kitchen to see what happened. After he saw it, he started calling the waiter butter fingers! I almost fell off my ladder from laughing so hard. It was all done in good fun, and more importantly, all the butter was discarded and replaced. Erica and Greg’s reception took place at the beautiful Pen Ryn Mansion in Bensalem Pennsylvania. It was my true pleasure photographing Erica and Greg’s wedding today. They are a really sweet couple, and I think it shows in their photographs. Congratulations guys! PS, enjoy your slide show at the bottom of this post. My way of saying thanks for giving me lots of time for photography!

I love how none of the other bride’s maids have their eyes open.


This shot is so funny!

F R E E   S T U F F