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I met up with Amy and Ian at Amy’s house down in South Jersey. Then we headed over to this cool park by Amy’s house. It had a bunch of really cool old historic buildings to work with. Great job scouting Amy! Amy and Ian are a super fun couple who were up for anything! YAY! I had an awesome time working with them, and I’m really looking forward to photographing their wedding next year!

My first two shots from today were just test shots, this photograph was literally my third shot! When you get this on the third shot, you just know you’re going to have a great session!

We had this cat following us around most of the session. I know Amy wasn’t a big fan of this little furry “third wheel” but what can I say, I love cats!


Just admit it, it’s yummy!

Yep, Ian is a giant! That’s a size 16 shoe folks!

  • Tina Caparotta - Todd these pictures are awesome!!! I can’t wait to see the rest of them!

  • Jennifer Parke - These shots are fabulous! I can’t pick a favorite! The color is amazing! Great job!

This shoot almost didn’t happen due to some unforeseen scheduling conflicts, but I’m so glad I was able to make it work! I met little Mikayla and her parents in Central Park today for some fall fun! Mikayla LOVED playing with all the leaves in the park. We all had a great time strolling around the park and enjoying that cool autumn air. I’m going to start out with one of my newest favorite kid shots. Mikayla was sitting between her parents, so I asked them to kiss (the parents silly) and when they did, Mikaylay looked up at them and made a “pucker” face too. SO cute!!! Thanks for a great day out guys.

I love this little mischievous look on Mikayla’s face.

  • Brandi - These are beautiful, great colors and beautiful DOF. What a cute family.

  • Jennifer Parke - These pictures are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! You are an inspiration to other photographers!

  • Dennis - That first one is so sweet.

  • jessica - Your work is so amazing!!! What a treat to see all your work!!! Beautiful families too! :)

  • angela - your work is breathtaking! thanks for sharing – i am inspired and motivated to get out and shoot more!!

  • DaveBulow - Great pictures once again – and I love the new blog header photo too!

  • Tanya - Beautiful as always! What type of camera do you use, if you don’t mind me asking?

  • Todd - Thanks so much everyone!

    Tanya, I am currently using a pair of 5D’s. But, remember, it’s not the wand, it’s the wizard! :)

  • Lisa Lacroix - I have to say, you are a pretty amazing wizzard!

  • connie - these pictures are amazing!!! what beautiful work!! and beautiful family!!!

  • Tanya - Indeed! :)

  • Jennifer Parke - The colors in these photos are amazing! I love shot #1 of the smooch and I love the shot with the bubbles – what a great idea!

I met up with Sabrina and Jeff this afternoon in Central Park for their engagement session. They chose this location because this is where Jeff proposed to Sabrina. Originally Jeff was going to pop the question while they were on a long carriage ride through the park, but apparently the driver wouldn’t shut up long enough for Jeff to do it. Note to Central Park carriage drivers: shut yer stinkin’ traps and leave couples alone! As soon as I met Sabrina and Jeff at the bandshell, I noticed a skateboarder tooling around. I immediately knew what I wanted to do. Still being somewhat involved in skateboarding, I knew this guy was good enough to pull off what I wanted to do. Luckily Sabrina and Jeff were, excuse the pun, on board with my idea too! I have to thank Christoph, the skateboarder, who was kind enough to ollie over Sabrina and Jeff several times for us. I hope you enjoy your visit to the states! Later in the session, Sabrina, Jeff and I had fun chasing after the sun as it was slowly disappearing behind a tall building. We probably looked pretty silly running around the park chasing after it, but then again, it is Central Park, and I’m almost certain MUCH more bizarre things have been witnessed! I had a blast today guys, and I can’t wait to photograph your wedding next year!

Here is Christoph, who was visiting from Germany, ollieing in front of Sabrina and Jeff.

I’ve always wanted to do a shot like this! As an added bonus, it says “Lovers” right between Sabrina and Jeff, it was just meant to be!

Their expressions are genuine, the proposal however, is just a re-enactment.

Continuing with my yummy sun flare kick!

Love this one!

Waiting for there to be no people in this shot took some patience. Thanks guys!


  • Matt Radlinski - As a (former) skateboarder, let me say, that is AWESOME.

    I also like the pictures :)

  • Melissa Papaj - Wow! Amazing Session!!!!

  • Todd - Thanks guys! Now that I look at this post again, I really like how it looks like they had Central Park all to themselves. Also, I was just in Central Park again today (4 days later) and there is some kind of art exhibit going on and all those arch shots would not have been possible as it’s all blocked off. Yay!

  • Lisa Lacroix - Wow, I LOVE the light in these!

  • Elisabeth Millay - yay lens flare!!

I was contacted several months ago by a book publisher who was interested in using one of my fine art photographs on the cover of a book she was working on. After we worked out all the details, I sort of forgot about it. Until today! A curious package arrived in the mail and when I opened it I saw my photograph on the cover of this book. Then it all came back to me. Of course I am biased, but I think the cover came out great! I’m not much of a book worm, and even if I was I don’t think I would have much time for reading anyway, but hey, maybe it’s a good read. I’m not sure what the distribution is on this book, so it may or may not be in the big chains.

  • mum - Todd, what a fab cover for a book. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover but I will buy it if it comes out in England just for the cover alone.

  • Nicole - Hi Todd – I love this, Congratulations! I am addicted to your work and your blog. The pictures are amazing! Cheers.

  • Bernie - How wonderful… Congrats on the book cover. Your work is incredible.

  • Kenny - Todd,
    You are an AMAZING talent. I stumbled upon your photos a few months ago and have subscribed to your blog ever since. I only wish I’d known about you before my wife and I got married! I use your photos as inspiration to try and capture images of my own family and kids.

    Thank you for producing such unbelievable photos!


I didn’t realize until today that Kaden’s parents were actually at last night wedding! Anyway, I met up with Kaden and his parents over at his house. Kaden was already in his car seat, waiting to head over to a local park. His dad went inside for something and I hopped in the car. Kaden is so laid back that he wasn’t fazed or frightened of a complete stranger sharing the back seat with him. Then again, my fake duck quacks are pretty entertaining! When we got to the park, Kaden had lots of fun playing in the leaves, and “mowing” the grass! Then it was back over to Kaden’s crib for cake! YAY! Happy birthday Kaden, and thanks for a nice day out in the park!

I love this shot of Kaden’s parents showering him with leaves, but he’s more interested in my camera!

Go sawcks!

Kaden has already started lifting weights!


On the ride back to Kaden’s he became very interested in my camera.

Love this one too!

Happy Birthday buddy!

  • Jeremy Shepler - These are phenomenal pictures. Thank you for the excellent work. We look forward to seeing the other pictures.


  • Daisy Karnell - Oh my goodness…. these are terrific! Love them – thanks for sharing!!!! Love you guys!

  • Liane Powers - Beautiful pictures, I love them all!

  • nana Rosanne - These are FABULOUS pictures. I just love them! I can’t wait to see the rest. I just feel so joyful looking at them.

  • Brian Ward - Words can not express what great pictures these are! I love every second
    of looking at them , just wish I could be there in person! what a happy
    boy he is! love ya all!

  • Bridget Holt - Such CUTE pictures!!! Love the lawn mower picture – he looks so sweet and happy in all of them. Thanks for sharing : ) Love you – Bridget

  • Leyla Hardy - Kaden is soooo handsome….those beautiful eyes! I love, love, LOVE these pics. You guys look like the pictures that are in the picture frames when you buy them. So stinkin’ cute!

  • Linda Mitchell - Pure love and joy! I love the pictures and I love you guys! There is nothing more beautiful than family love in the purest form combined with the beauty of nature! Can’t wait to see more!!!

  • Jason Russo - Awesome photos! Love that kid…and the parents are pretty cool too ;-)

  • Keriane - He’s so adorable! I love it! Can’t wait to see you all at Thanksgiving!

  • Frank Martin - Amazing photos of the family. Rare that they get so perfect! Love you guys!

  • Tonya McKee Finlay - These are sooooo adorable. Kaden is so cute and it is amazing to see his daddy as a grown man with so much love in his eyes. Jeremy, it is so great to see you with your own little family. You have a lovely family. Thanks for sending me the link. It made my eyes water. :-)

    Your old and I mean old Nanny,


I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I shot Dana and Matt’s engagement session! Dana and Matt are a really sweet couple, and it was my absolute pleasure to photograph their wedding. This was one of those rare weddings where everything just went right according to schedule! Dana looked stunning, and Matt didn’t look half bad himself! One of the best things about today was when we got to Natirar Park in Peapack. It was a beautiful park, lots of trees and open grassy spaces too. The tree’s had some great fall colors happening, and the sun was beginning its daily decent, which meant gorgeous warm light and cool long shadows! In fact, once again I am not posting in chronological order because I just couldn’t wait to post one of my favorite bridal party pictures ever! So, that one’s up first, then it’s back to chronological order. Dana and Matt’s reception was held at the lovely Park Savoy in Florham Park, NJ. This was certainly a lively crowd which is always fun to photograph. I had a blast today guys! Congratulations, and enjoy your honeymoon in Hawaii!


I love the expressions between Dana and her Maid of Honor, Christine.

Dana shed a few tears after coming downstairs and seeing everyone.

I told Christine, the Maid of Honor, that I would mention her on the blog for being such a GREAT assistant for me. She was holding a reflector for me off to camera left. Thanks Christine!

Go time!

I love catching brides looking over at their soon to be husbands during the ceremony.

I love the look on Matt’s face in this shot. Most likely it was directed over to his mom.

Hey Ray!

Another fave!


The end and the beginning!

So cute! Every so often I would catch Matt kissing Dana’s nose.

I had some technical difficulties with this shot, but I’m so glad I was able to salvage it in post processing. I just had a split second to get it framed like this and I think the expression on Dana’s face as she is listening to her father give a toast is pretty special.

I think this is when Dana’s father was talking about how excited he was to have a son in his family now, so he can take him to baseball games.

Matt’s brothers gave some great toasts too!

There’s one at every wedding, although this wedding actually had a few…which I love!

During the reception I stole Dana and Matt for a few photos outside.

  • Dana & Matt - Todd you are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!! Matt and I could not be happier with these shots!!! Thanks for everything :)

  • Christine - You’re welcome Todd! I’m glad I could lend a hand to the production of these phenomenal photos! I cannot wait to see the rest!

  • John - These pictures are amazing! I especially like the one of Kev getting cut off by the band….haha!

  • Russ Schneider - Todd, these are fabulous! Thanks so much for doing a great job for Matt and Dana. I’ll certainly continue to recommend you to all of my brides!

  • Krista - Dana and Matt I am sorry to have missed you two and your amazing day. You both look fantastic. Dana you are absolutely glowing. Beautiful pictures!

  • Ray and Liv's Dad - Stunning shots! Ray & Liv are proud to be blogged!

  • Eileen - Todd-As Matt’s Aunt AND Schneider’s Flowers Showroom Designer these photos are going straight to the front of our wedding portfolio! Amazing!

  • Linda Merbedone - What great pictures, every great moment was captured. We can tell by the pictures what a wonderful time everyone had being a part of this special day for Matt and Dana.

  • Julie - Todd,
    How do we get in touch with you to order some of those amazing prints from Matt and Dana’s wedding?

I can’t believe how quickly this wedding season is going! It seems just like yesterday that I photographed Deanna and Rob’s engagement session in the spring! Deanna and Rob were so awesome to work with, although I didn’t get an ice pop at the end of the night this time like I did after the engagement session. Instead, I got a freshly rolled hand made cigar! Nice touch Deanna! It was so apparent that Deanna was on top of everything on her wedding day, after all, her wedding binder was the size of War and Peace! But seriously, there were so many nice touches to Deanna and Rob’s wedding, it was such a pleasure to photograph. They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the Catlin Gardens in Slate Hill, NY. The reception was also held there as well. The grounds at Catlin Creek are so awesome! Lots to work with. I had a blast today guys, congratulations. Enjoy Italy!

I don’t normally post photographs out of chronological order, but can you blame me for being excited about this one! My favorite shot of the day, hands down!

I love this simple shot of Deanna’s shoes.

I got to spend about 20 minutes with Rob at the hotel too. When I got to his room, he and his son, little Rob, had just finished playing dominoes. It was really cute, it was just Rob and his son getting ready together.

And Deanna was worried Rob wouldn’t smile!

Stunning! Deanna’s hair was just gorgeous!

Ok, so before you guys all jump down my throat for using textures…Deanna checks the blog on a regular basis and saw my prior post with the side by side photos, one with texture and “antiquing” and one with out. Deanna said that she really liked the textured one. So, I decided to take one of Deanna’s photos that I thought would benefit the most from having some “aging” done to it, and here it is.

I used to do this shot all the time and sort of forgot about it…not today!

Love this one!

This is another favorite of mine. The flower girl was Deanna and Rob’s adorable daughter, “Bella”.
I love the way the sun is bursting through the tree’s.

I think there is a small tear forming in Deanna’s eye in this shot during the ceremony.

This was really sweet. Deanna and Rob had each one of their kids come up and light a candle during the ceremony. Here is Bella getting a little help with hers.

Bella getting in on the action!

As Deanna and Rob walked back up the aisle, their guests showered them with leaves.

Even though we took Deanna and Rob’s photos before the ceremony, they were up for a few more right after the ceremony. The sun was getting ready to set and they looked AWESOME!

They had a cigar roller during the cocktail hour. How cool is that!

This is Deanna’s dad, and the main reason Deanna hired the cigar roller.

I love a good toast!

Little Rob and Bella hit the dance floor!

  • Amanda (maid of honor) - I saw Deanna and Robert’s engagement photos and couldn’t wait to see your work after the wedding. You are absolutely amazing!

  • Deanna's Mother-Rosemary - Your photography is just amazing- you caught the moments!!!! Thank you. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures.

  • courtney - Your photography is just amazing. But that cigar shot, with her dad, wow just wow!

  • Deanna & Robert - Todd, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! We are in Italy and couldn’t wait to see your post! We love your work, you caught the whole day and all of our happiness!! We are so grateful to have your talent capture our special day for us :) Ciao

  • JoAnn, the wedding planner - Being in business, I see all sorts of photographic styles, and I am by far, most impressed with yours. You have captured not only wonderful memories for Deanna and Robert, but you have captured their personalities also. I would never hesitate to recommend you to a client. I certainly look forward to working with you again.

  • nick k - what a way to distract me at the hosp. awaiting a procedure i really am nervous about- thank you for the distraction. the pictures are beautiful. you don’t measure life by moments rather by the moments that take our breath away.

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