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Kim + Dennis

2 words…WEDDING FEST! I had SUCH a fun time photographing Kim and Dennis’ wedding today! I just love when couples think outside of the box when planning their wedding! What’s outside of the box you might ask…hmmm, let’s see. How about the groomsmen wearing checkered slip on vans, Kim’s skull reception sneakers, Dennis’ titanium ring, a save the date printed on beer coasters, their gorgeous outdoor ceremony, their reception at a German Beer garden, picking out their own music for the reception, hot pretzels, beer mug favors, a dancing hippopotamus, and a cast of interesting characters! The weather held out all day long and we were able to get some awesome shots of Kim and Dennis at their ceremony site at Ringwood State Park. Thank you so much for letting me in on your wedding fest, I had a blast! Enjoy Vermont!

There are a few things at work in this shot of Kim and Dennis’ rings. The first is that the background depicts a gear which ties into Dennis’ bike and motorcycle riding. Second, Dennis’ ring has those same “gear” like notches in it. Third, the colors match the groomsmen sneakers. Fourth, the officiant made some poignant comments about the circle being a symbol for marriage with no beginning or ending.

Had I known, I would have worn mine too!

The lovely Kim.


Kim and her dad walking down the “aisle”.

Kim gazing at Dennis during the ceremony.

Kim’s parents.

They had their ceremony in front of these really cool old iron gates.

1, 2 (bend) , jump on 3!

The next few shots were taken around their ceremony site.

LOVE this one!

And on to Beer/Wedding Fest!

Dennis dancing with Kim and his beer!

We’ve all seen brides maids dancing with elderly gentlemen, but if you look closer, she is actually dancing with an elderly gentleman, AND a stuffed hippopotamus! Beat that!

Drop and give me 20!


Another favorite! Salute to the beer gods!

Laura Puglisi - You really captured all the best of Weddingfest! Great job!!!!

Killick Hinds - Wow! These pictures are gorgeous…cheers from Athens, Georgia, an old NJ friend.

Jen Pottheiser - Kim & Dennis -
Congrats on your wedding and congrats on having such exquisite pictures! Jessica Ellis forwarded me the link to the shots – looks like you all had a blast.

Debbio - Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! Cheers to a life of love and happiness!

alyce moran - todd – you are incredible! it was a pleasure to spend the day with you & watch your creativity! great shots!! can’t wait to see the rest of them! kim & dennis…what a fabulous weddingfest! i had a great time!! killick – glad you had a little taste!!

jason - that looks like the most fun wedding on the planet. i don’t know them, but i’m jealous that i wasn’t invited. once again, your photos are amazing.

kim - Todd… I am beyond words to express how thrilled & lucky I am, that you shot our Weddingfest.
You are an awesome, amazing talent AND a cool guy… Keep kicking ass!!!

Raquel - Incredible Photography! but you did have the most Amazing couple to photograph! Kim, your wedding was so Rockstar in every way! I love the black and white photos with the gates and the trees…Congrats my friend, see you soon for a beer!

shantel - I found you through a wedding that you shot. I saw their photo on facebook and I noticed how it was different from any wedding photo I had ever seen. You are truly a talented wedding photographer. These shots are fantastic and creative! Well done!

bergman - I like how the toast shot with the beer mugs has one of Kims boobs in it, nice touch.

Katze - 2 weeks later and I still can’t stop looking at these photos!!! I love your angle and perspective Todd, so creative. No wonder you’re so busy! Kim & Dennis: Can you get married again? Maybe in a month or so? I had so much fun and I’m blue now that it’s over. Please??? :( Love you!

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Elizabeth + Ed

Today I had the pleasure of photographing Elizabeth and Ed’s wedding. And although it rained, it did not put a damper on the festivities one bit! Liz and Ed were very upbeat the entire day. The church was very beautiful and ornate, and the venue, The Courtyard on Main, in Freehold NJ was just as nice. I also got a nice little tour of downtown Freehold at night in the rain as well. Congratulations Liz and Ed! And don’t worry Liz, I won’t tell everyone where you guys are going for your honeymoon, as I know you want to keep the place a secret!

Since Liz’s ring was so colorful, I threw it in the candy bowl!

I guess Liz follows my blog because she asked if I was going to do my “cut off bride” shot. Here ya go!

When I am choosing files to blog, I put a 5 star rating on the ones that get picked. Well, this one literally has five stars, so I just HAD to blog it.

That’s Liz’s dad in the reflection.

I love this shot during the ceremony.

I love how there are no cars or other people in this shot!

I grabbed this shot very quickly as they were walking back to the venue. It’s hard to tell but there is a sign frame, with out the sign in it, which frames them perfectly.

Ed dancing with his mom.

Ed and his buds put on a little YMCA show for us all!

Rock - Wow! You are a true artist who uses a camera to capture the emotion of the moment

Corey - I love the father in the window reflection and sign frame shots! True artistry and chance working perfectly together? Great work, as always on your blog. – Corey (of Corey + Jerry)

Blaize - your work is jawdroppingly good. the photo you mention that you had to include actually has 8 stars (9 if you count the bride) see the reflection. ;) cheers & keep posting… you inspire me!

Blaize - make that 9 stars and 11 if you count the bride and her reflection haha this is getting confusing – hey maths aside what a great image among a bunch of great images.

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Joanne + Chris

I met up with Joanne and Chris in Asbury Park NJ today for a somewhat impromptu engagement session. Chris really just wanted to see how his hair would photograph before the wedding! Ok, not really, but for the record, I thought his hair photographed exceptionally well! Jo and Chris are an awesome couple and I had an absolute blast working with them. In fact, I honestly had to increase my shutter speed sometimes to accommodate camera shake because Chris was making me laugh so hard! I can’t wait to work with you guys again in two weeks!

This is probably one of my all time favorite engagement photos ever! Bring it home Chris!

Asbury Park is undergoing a major face lift, so it was nice to see some remnants of its glory days! Yes, that was a very vague pun to a Bruce Springsteen song, sorry.

Sell it Chris!

Chris working on his Yoga.

I believe Chris was yelling something about flying rats!

Brandi - These are SOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!! They rock so hard that I had to go there with the caps lock! The first one is so so so so so beautiful, fun, happy and I love it.

Todd - Thanks Brandi, I always know I can count on you for some blog love! YOU GO THERE!!! I loves me some caps lock!

John Akingbola - These are great shots. The first one is definitely banging! Very energetic session. GREAT job Todd.

sarah ruvy - those are some awesome shots! Dude, those heels must be painful! ;-P

meredith (Chris's mom) - What wonderful, wonderful pictures! Aren’t they both so beautiful? Fantastic job, Todd!

heather calabrese - A W E S O M E ! ! !

Barack Obama - I need that Chris guy in my administration.

Great job, Todd. Bring it home.

michael reyna (chris' lover) - i’ve never seen such amazing airbrushing!!!!!!!!!! your retoucher has really really outdone himself!!!
but honestly.. they look amazing! and you two look sooo beautiful!!.. on the surface.. where it counts!
peace in the middle east.

Tanya - Love it!

Mama Walsh - Wow! Those are some powerful shots! He is a great photographer. Maybe, you can both be models!!!

John Mc Cain - Wow I think that I’m going to change my party. I want to be part of the in-crowd…that’s where Pepe is at.

Seriously, what fantastic photos. You both look awesome and the locations with you both are ready for Life magazine

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Julie + Eugene

Today was Julie and Eugen’s big day, and I was honored to be able to photograph it. Julie was so laid back and easy to work worth. She even let me hang her wedding dress off a tree branch in the back yard! Julie and Eugene’s friends were DEFINITELY a party crowd. Tons of activity and energy on the dance floor! The reception took place at the Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge, NJ. Congratulations Julie and Eugene, enjoy Greece!

Have you ever seen a photo of the bottom of the wedding dress?

I really like how the bride’s maid helping Julie with her necklace mimics how Julie’s mom is helping Julie with the back of her dress.

I love trying to incorporate family photos into my own pictures when I can.

I really love this shot of Julie’s grandmother’s hands as she watches Julie getting ready. Also note how Julie’s hands are folded in the same way too.

Happy Days!

I love this look Julie gives Eugene during the ceremony.

How cute are they?!

This next shot was taken by my second photographer, Walter van Dusen, from the balcony.

Right after their first dance.

Julie’s brother giving a speech.

Julie dancing with her brother.

I told you they came to party!

Walter van Dusen - I’ve been waiting to see your images from this wedding ;-) Once again I had a GREAT time working with you as your second photographer. Great job.. Walter

andy stenz - amazing photos as always. i like the ring macro and the wedding dress is very unique (no – i’ve never seen the bottom shot before).

one question for you. how are you getting the tables from directly above. i just can’t place it. even if you were bringing a ladder, you’d have to be leaning over – yet you nail the dead center of the table. mr houdini, can you please fill in a clueless admirer?

Todd - Thanks for all your hard work Walter!

Andy, it’s a 15mm on a 5D which is mounted to a monopod, that gets held up over the table, then I use a long shutter release to trigger the camera. Lighting is on camera flash, which is bounced. Hope that helps.

andy stenz - Thanks Todd – it makes so much sense now. I probably ought to have a monopod anyway… Thanks for you amazing work! I’m learning a lot and really enjoying it.

Dana - Todd, whant a great eye you have. Can’t believe the way you captured the love and looks in both Julie and Eugene.

julie - Todd – thank you so much for doing such a great job, the pictures look amazing so far! You and Walter were a great team to work with :o ) talk to you soon!

Shannon Malone - I feel like I just got bathed in a love feast. These shots are absolutely beautiful and captivating, as I know their love will always be. Thank you for sharing them.

And you both look blissfully happy.
CONGRATULATIONS and wishing you both a wonderful life together.

I want to use your photographer.
But, then again…first I need a fiancee

Laura Leonard - You look beautiful!

Congrats girl!

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Laura + Shawn

You could not have picked a more beautiful day than today! The temperature was perfect, the sun was beaming, the sky was bright blue, and Laura and Shawn looked awesome! Laura and Shawn grew up down the street from each other in Columbus NJ, a beautiful rural area of south Jersey. The ceremony and reception took place in Shawn’s sprawling back yard. His parents had constructed an elaborate gazebo for the ceremony to take place in. A little further out on the property was a tent, which was perfect for today’s weather! This was such a great wedding to be a part of, I just love back yard weddings! So, about two weeks before the wedding, I get this email from Laura asking if I thought it would be cool if we went to a sunflower field for some photos before the ceremony. After I mopped up the drool off my keyboard, I promptly responded with an emphatic YES! I mean duh! Thanks for a great day guys, enjoy your time in Saint Lucia!

Since I knew we would be going to the sunflower field later, I made a point of getting a ring shot at the house using a sunflower (part of the bouquet Shawn sent over to Laura in the morning).

Shawn and a bee looking cool in the sunflower field. If you look on the right side of this photo, just above the trees in the background, you may see a tiny spec. I almost cloned this out until I realized it’s actually a bee, and it also happens to be in focus too, so I left him in there.

Check out Laura’s boots!

My favorite of the day!

Runner up favorite.

A few tears during the ceremony.

Arthur’s speech, (the best man).

Meet my new friend Katie.


I’m not sure if I ever met a kid who didn’t like bubbles!

I love this quiet little moment between Laura and Shawn.

Jenny Scudder - What a happy bride and groom-a wedding clearly filled with love-leading to a marriage filled with love. The photos are positively gorgeous! I’ve never seen my father-in-law’s van look so good! Congrats to the bride and groom! Jenny

Brandi - Stunningly beautiful!! These are fabulous, and a gorgeous couple.

Victoria Reinstra - Todd,

I so enjoy seeing your work, it is absolutely wonderful. I thought your work was great at my wedding, but you keep getting better and better!!!



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Yadey + Adam (The NYC Wedding)

Here is the fourth and final posting on Yadey and Adam’s wedding(s). The wedding in the Berkshires was mostly their friends and this one in New York City was more family and family friends. Yadey and Adam got ready together in the same room at the drop dead gorgeous Gramercy Park Hotel. Once they were all ready I hopped in the limo with them as we headed over to the ceremony and reception venue, Studio 450 in New York City. This is an amazing minimalist, completely white space, which was right up my alley! The ceremony was held on the roof top which was just such an incredible setting with the city as their backdrop. Another awesome wedding, great job guys! Congratulations, and try to relax in Bora Bora!

Yadey and Adam got ready in the same room (they’re already married silly!)

Ok, so Adam had wanted another New York Times ring shot and this was the photo on the front page. I could have tried to hide the image, or just go with it. I decided to take a chance and use the front page image in my photo. I’m on the fence on this one. Feel free to chime in, is this cool or creepy?

Yadey was running a little late, so I got to spend some time with just Adam.

Adam was wearing his grandfather’s watch.

Some quiet time in the limo.

I captured the next six images of the kids while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Daddy’s boots!

I told you Studio 450 was all white!

Check out this roof top ceremony!

I love how the height of Yadey and Adam’s heads seem to match the slope of the roof behind them.

LOVE this one!!!

Another favorite!


Yadey dancing with her father.

And Adam dancing with his mother.

I love this shot of Adam planting one on Yadey’s dad.

For all those photo geeks stalking the blog (I know you’re out there), the flowers were lit using my iPhone!

Last shot of the night.

So, it’s been a LONG week for Yadey and Adam, with a big welcoming dinner, and 2 weddings all within 6 days! It only seems fitting I should end with this last image. Yadey and Adam actually yawned within seconds of each other, but I couldn’t get the pinnacle of each yawn in a single photograph, so had to post them side by side. And after posting a record breaking 111 photographs on Yadey and Adam’s events, I’m yawning a lot too! Thanks again guys, get some R&R in Bora Bora!

zofia - Gorgeous as always, Todd! I adore the dark, spooky feeling of the first 6, (or is it just me?!) The images in the limo are timeless and my absolute favorite is the last one. Great work!

Todd - lol, thanks zofia, but I’m still uploading images. Wow, you’re quick! Keep refreshing your page, a few more coming! Thanks.

Jason Davis - Hello, my name is Jason, and I’m a photo geek & blog stalker… Hey Todd, this is Jason from Knoxville. I know it is an over-used term, but you are a rockstar! I love seeing the passion you put in your work, and the love of the couples captured in your images. And geez, you get to work in some of the coolest venues! Awesome work on Yadey and Adam’s week of celebration. And to Yadey and Adam, congratulations on your weddings and the selection of your photographer.
- Jason

Todd - Hey Jason. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it, especially coming from a fellow photo geek! I don’t know if I’m a rock star, but I did drink plenty of them this past week! See you in Arizona this January?

Tanya - Beautiful as usual…great shots! Love your work!

Brandi - amazingly gorgeous!! Too many great ones to pick favorites.

Jason - I’m hoping to make it to AZ this January, but won’t know till late in the year. Having it during the week makes it a bit tougher for this stay-home dad. I’ll keep you posted!

jessica - i loveeeeee these pics from stuido 450. I am getting married summer 2010 and we are looking at studio 450 because I fell in love with it when I first saw it. I would be interested in speaking further about price for photography!

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The Markman Family

The Markman family flew half way around the world from Sydney Australia just so I could photograph them! Ok, that’s not entirely true! Wayne and Sally are good friends with Adam and Yadey (see above and below posts). So they actually flew in for Yadey and Adam’s wedding(s). When Wayne saw the photos on my blog of their engagement session, he wanted me to photograph his family in New York City a few days before the second wedding in NYC. We spent two hours wandering around central park. The kids enjoyed ice-cream and pretzels from the various vendors along the way. They were all fascinated with squirrels too! Apparently they don’t have them in Sydney. I had fun spending time with you guys, I hope you enjoyed the park!

Rex was so cute with his Astro Pop!

I love how casual Rex is with his “mining operation”!

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