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So, today was Agnes and Warren’s wedding day. After shooting their engagement session in New York City several weeks ago, I already knew they were an awesome couple and that this would be a great wedding. I was not wrong! I almost got a little weepy during the ceremony when the officiant told us about Agnes’ father’s sacrifices he made for his family while Agnes was growing up. There were lots of tears being shed. In fact, my favorite shot from today is one of Agnes’ sister, Angela, looking on as Agnes recites her vows to Warren, with a tear dripping down her cheek. I’m not sure if it will show up as good on the blog as it does on my big obnoxious monitor, but I found it to be a very touching photo, and one Agnes would probably never have seen had I not been in the right place at the right time. It helped put a finer point on the honor, and responsibility I have when photographing someone’s wedding. Thanks for a fun day guys, congratulations! Agnes and Warren’s ceremony and reception were held at Mayfair Farms in West Orange, NJ.

I found this movie at Agnes’ and decided to shoot her engagement ring on it. When I got home, I just couldn’t resist rearranging the cast a little!

Continuing with my “cut off bride’s head” theme I have going!

I noticed a bunch of stuffed animals in Agnes’ room while I was photographing, so decided to let this giraffe try on her shoes!

I love this shot of Agnes making her way to the aisle, as all her guests turn to watch.

My favorite shot of the day.

I must admit, I’m not a big fan of fog machines, but you gotta love this!

Here are all my backup photographers hard at work. I love the lady with a video camera in one hand, and a still camera in the other. hmmm, that gives me an idea!

The shot shot!

This was really sweet, Warren sang Billy Joel’s, “She’s Got A Way” to Agnes. He was so nervous during practice that he almost backed out. Way to hang in there Warren, you ROCK!

Agnes approves!

I love this shot of this kid throwing his glow stick in the air and catching it again.

A little spoof on this classic shot!

No bugs, no blood, not even a lost room would break Brittany’s upbeat spirit today! She was swatting tons of tiny gnats during our photo session, but never complained. Her sister cut her finger trying to get the wedding dress off the hangar and got a little blood on Brittany’s dress in the process. Brittany took it in stride. The hotel lost her room and had to settle for a smaller one. Brittany went with the flow. Brittany and Geoffrey had a stunning wedding day, from the weather, to the gorgeous church, the great people surrounding them, and the beautiful and classy venue, the Stone House at Stirling Ridge in Warren NJ. I had lots of fun today guys, and it looked like you did too! Enjoy your honeymoon!

As I was photographing Brittany’s shoes just outside her room, one of her flower girls opened the door!

I loved the brightly colored walls at the hotel!

But sometimes you need to turn the color off once in a while!

I couldn’t pass up the rock wallpaper could I?!

Meet Lilly, perhaps one of the cutest flower girls I have ever seen!

I rarely see both the bride and the groom shed a tear at the same time…very special!

I love this shot Lis, my second photographer, got of the little ones in the limo!

While Lilly was sleeping on her father’s shoulder after the ceremony, I noticed these band aids in her shoes, so cute!

Once again, I got a horrified reaction from someone at the venue when I took them to the back of the building, on the loading dock! I chuckled to myself.

Brittany dancing with her father.

This shot just screams FUN to me!

LOVE this one!

I met up with Erica and Greg for their engagement session at Liberty State Park in Jersey City NJ. We had lots of fun wandering around the old train station, and along the water front too. Erica and Greg are a super fun couple who were up for anything! Greg even hopped up on a narrow pole for a little Karate Kid posing! And don’t worry Erica, I cloned out all your mosquito bites! We’ll see you guys again in a few months, looking forward to it!

I love how the sun was shining just on them, but not really on the city!

While shooting this set up, this guy on a bike passed through the frame.

GO Erica!!!!

Do you think there is any connection between brightly colored bridesmaids dresses and fun people!? I’m starting to think so. Nicole and Ted are an awesome couple and it was my true pleasure to photograph their wedding, even despite the fact that Ted can’t make a decent hand print in the sand! Their bridal party was SO fun too, they made me laugh all throughout the day, thanks everyone. Nicole and Ted’s reception was held at the Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge NJ. Watch out Puerto Vallarta, these two know how to have a good time! Congratulations guys!

Holy hairspray Batman! I’m not joking, I actually had to leave the room because I was getting dizzy!

It was quite a production getting Nicole all laced up!

No fake smiles here!

I was getting some lens flare from a little window near the ceiling so decided to just go with it.

I told you they were fun!

Props to Nicole for hopping up onto this ledge in her wedding dress!

Love this one!

This guy was hilarious!

Nicole and Ted steal a few minutes of alone time during the reception.

Corey and Jerry met each other while attending Oxford University seven years ago, (it was seven right Jerry?) Corey had been planning this wedding for some time now, and all her hard work really paid off, everything was gorgeous! And even though the skies opened up right after the ceremony, we still managed to get some great photos inside the Grand Summit Hotel, where the reception took place. And the MVP of the wedding had to go to Joel, Corey’s bridesman, who went to Danielle’s (maid of honor) house, not once, but twice to get her bra for her! Congratulations Corey and Jerry…VIVA LAS VEGAS!

Corey’s shoes hanging off her parent’s wedding photo.

One of Corey’s British friends gave her 10 pence, which she affixed to the bottom of her shoes!

Winnie the Pooh! (Inside joke between Corey and her dad, who held a reflector for me for this shot, thanks dad!)

Love this one!

I’ve been waiting for a church to have one of these types of doors!

Since we couldn’t go outside, I tried to bring some of the outside in!

Their first dance.

Corey’s father presenting her and Jerry with a framed piece of sentiment.

F R E E   S T U F F