Roy + Peter

Roy and Peter’s wedding was so much fun to be a part of. They booked me last year after a friend of a friend of a friend was at my house for a baby shower and was admiring some of my photographs on the wall, and told Roy and Peter about me. I’ve been looking forward to photographing their wedding ever since. My friend Walter Van Dusen drove down from Connecticut to help out being the second photographer. There are a few of his images below where noted. The ceremony and the reception were held at the Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange, NJ. Have fun being tourists in New York City guys!

I found this brochure in the lobby of the hotel that the guys were getting ready at. I thought it made a nice backdrop for their rings.Photo below by Walter Van DusenPlease don’t try to adjust the color on your monitors, Emily’s eyes really are this blue!I don’t normally post two ring shots, but come on, look how freaking cool these rings are! They have their wedding date in Roman numerals on them.
Peter all ready to go. Photo by Walter Van Dusen
Walter brought out his ring light for this cool shot. Photo by Walter Van Dusen.Can you feel the enthusiasm!Roy’s Best Person planting one on him right after the ceremony.Roy and Peter’s first dance.

  • zofia - Fantastic work, Todd and Walter!

  • Naqib (qippy) - cool table did you capture that..were you on a ladder or something and how about the lighting for it?nice…

  • Justine MIller - Gorgeous work, lovely wedding and you have some amazing shots. I love the one of him on the couch with his partner in the mirror.. great work!

  • Krystal Radlinski - Absolutely lovely work! You have perfectly captured the charming personalities and joy of the day. I’m not even a guest and yet I felt as if I were. Brava.

  • Todd - Thanks Zofia.

    Qippy, only Walter knows my trademark secret for getting this shot and he is sworn to secrecy! Just kidding, I mounted my camera to a mono-pod with a 15mm fisheye attached and used a cable release, then just “boomed” it in. The lighting was on camera flash which was bounced in. Thanks.

    Justine, thank you, I like that one too!

    Krystal, that is the ultimate compliment! Thank you so much.

  • Arlene Catherine - OMG!!! Love, love, love these! Well Done.

    ~ Arley

  • Roy Corson & Peter Kiuzma - The shots look great! You and Walter were wonderful to work with. Can’t wait to see them all. Thanks again!

  • Naqib (qippy) - cool thanks so much..I will try that this weekend for a wedding shoot..thats so nice of you to share that with us…cheers

  • Bernadette - I am so glad I recommended you Todd! Fantastic shots, and I can’t wait to see the rest of them! 🙂

  • Seshu - Love that table shot! Great work you guys.

  • Chanelle SegeriusBru - Great set of images. (DWF member here). Love the colours.

  • Ingrid - These are absolutely beautiful. I’m so glad to have discovered your website..such an inspiration to me.

  • Christine - Why are there no pictures of me.

  • Vishal - This are awesome images. I admire your work. Keep it coming.

  • Ali - These images are both gorgeous and touching. Wonderful work.

  • Caryl - I just love the rich colors and the emotions that you captured… GREAT work ….

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