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Yesterday my daughter Zoe asked me to take her photograph. For those of you that know me, you know this isn’t a simple task! I had to get out the light stands, umbrellas, flashes, camera, the backdrop (which Zoe calls a parachute), and everything else. After it took me about 20 minutes to set everything up, Zoe was no longer interested in having her picture taken! What do you expect from an almost 3 year old?! So, I begged and pleaded with her to sit for me for at least a few shots, after all it was HER idea! I may or may not have even offered an ice cream sundae with the works if she cooperated! Well, she did manage to sit for me for a few shots and I did like the way they turned out, so decided to post two of them to share with you.
I know I am biased, but isn’t she adorable?



  • Susan - She is adorable! Great shots . . . where do I sign up for your classes?

  • birgit - she is a princess! good job! I know it´s not easy to get them sitting quiet for some minutes!

  • Kim - These are terrific! Nicky wants one to keep under his pillow. 😉

  • Jessica F - Wow! Those are stunning. I know Zoe and I know she’s adorable, but Todd you must enter these in a competition. These take my breath away.

  • Tejo - she is very adorable…

Well, it’s sort of a family tradition that the day after Thanksgiving we head up to my in-laws winter house in Pennsylvania for some quality family time and a little rest and relaxtion. This year we brought along my niece Arianna with us. My daughter Zoe and her cousin Arianna had a blast together. They even slept in the same room together! Arianna slept in the top bunk and of course little Zoe got the bottom bunk! We had so much fun eating Thanksgiving left overs, sitting by the fire and roasting chestnuts, watching movies, and of course feeding the deer too! We also had a great time by the lake.

My father-in-law, Ray, in his 1965 Cadillac.


Arianna going super high on the swings!


Arianna is such a good cousin to Zoe. Here she is making sure Zoe doesn’t get too close to the ice.


Smoking is bad for you, everyone knows that! I guess no one bothered to tell Ray!


Susan and Arianna in the middle of their adventure.


  • arianna - U.T. i look so young here 🙂 its been that long since you photographed me…

Today I had the pleasure of photographing my daughter’s good friend Nicky from down the street. He was such a great subject to work with. He enjoyed throwing his minature football and then proclaiming “touch down!”. He’s also a big Thomas the Tank Engine fan too, as you will see. I had fun today Nicky, I’ll see you around the hood little man.

This was one of my favorites of the day.



I caught this shot of Nicky holding his Thomas sipper while driving over to the park.





Here’s Nicky watching a little TV before we got started.


I like this one a lot too.


  • Kim - Wow! These are awesome! Thanks Todd. You never cease to amaze…

  • Robyn - Those are amazing! Wow. I know Nicky’s a good subject but those photos are spectacular. I’m jealous! I want a pro photographer living down the street from me!

  • Sana - So totally awesome! Thanks for sharing the shots! By the way…do you happen to travel? If you’re ever in the Houston, Texas area, I DEFINITELY want to schedule a session!

  • Todd - Thank you. I’ve never been to Texas, but if you’re willing to pay for my way down there I’m sure I could squeeze you in. 🙂

  • Tara - These pictures are just amazing. That little guy is gorgeous, and you have done a fabulous job of capturing his spirit.

  • Susan - You do some fabulous work! Enjoy viewing your BLOG for new and exciting posts.

  • melissa - Not really sure how I got to your blog… but I LOVE your work. Nicky was def a CUTE subject, but you have certainly got talent. I love all the pics, but my favorite is the last one, he looks so small compared to that big tree, and it is just a breathtaking shot. Can I place a link on my page to yours? If I don’t put a link there, I usually forget to come back to look, and I would love to keep watching your blog!

    Thanks. Melissa

  • Todd - Hi Melissa, I’m glad you found me! 🙂 Sure, link away, I don’t mind!

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