{best of} 2013 Ceremony

A look back on some ceremony photos from 2013. Enjoy!

Mike Prasad - Absolutely spectacular work Todd! Your couples must be so thrilled.
Would love to see a printed collection of your favourite work!

James Schokman - Amazing as always Todd. I look forward to your best-ofs every year. Love the finger to nose captures!

Christian Rosello - The lighting is just perfect and I love the location… really nice Photography.

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{best of} 2013 details

A look back on some wedding details from 2013. Enjoy!

Andrea Fanni - Best details photos ever! I couldn’t stop to say wooooow looking at them, they made me laugh a lot too !
I am such a big fun of your photography! Thanks for sharing!

Anthony - Your details shots are always some of my favorites!

Nathan - Amazing foresight in image creation. I love the ring shots especially. I’ll be watching you closely from here on in.

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{best of} 2013 e-sessions

A look back on a few engagement sessions from 2013. Enjoy!

Ever Lopez - superb quality and creative pictures!
love them all

Thanks for sharing Todd

DavidOne - Lot of beautiful pictures ! Well Done Todd ! :)

Lucas Mikuc - Fantastic series of pictures! You are great photographer, Todd! :) Cheers!

Costa Rica Wedding Photographer - Incredible pictures. You always surprise me Todd! Very nice and creative work.

Dragan - You are a force of nature Todd!

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